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    Exhausted #ChronicIllness #Sarcoidosis #sjogrens

    Just a tiring day! I sometimes get really tired of being really tired and sickly and when you add in covid-19, its a mixture ripe for panic attacks here and there. I wanted to type an eloquent post with a lot of meaning but today, I just do not have it in me. I really really want to be cured. I want to wake up and not need to take medicine or worry about being a burden. This is today, tomorrow will be better, right? #Gastroparesis #portalhypertension #Asthma


    Does Anybody Have Portal Vein Thrombosis

    When I was 5 yr old my whole family got pneumonia and got chest x-rays, including me. They discovered then that I had an enlarged spleen. Then came the tests. Countless tests and countless dr visits. Eventually I ended up at #HersheyMedicalCenter where they explained I have #portalveinthrombosis with #portalhypertension . It meant that my #portalvein that connects the #spleen to the #liver was blocked somehow, and so the blood had to find a different way to the #liver and back to the #heart so it backed up into the #spleen enlarging it before finding a completely new route. My #circulatorysystem is completely different from everyone else’s and since the #portalvein is blocked, it is causing pressure on places it shouldn’t be and also causing over time #liverdamage . Hence the #portalhypertension . I don’t really have high blood pressure, except in certain parts of my body. I’ve had all sorts of #tests done over the years, have seen a #specialist in #Nyc . It’s just like someone extra inside my body, causing this. Many people have different variations of it, usually due to #Cirrhosis but I’ve never found someone exactly like me. It would be nice to. #