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Self care ideas? Rough day.

I had a quadruple EMG today, and neck and back done too. Then a doctors appointment in the afternoon to go over it where they said either cancer or some rare autoimmune disease that they don’t know about.
I’m deflated, and in pain physically. I’d love some self care ideas 💡 #Cancer #emg #tests #autoimmune #Selfcare #Pain #sad #Depression #DoctorVisit



I got the test results from the biopsy they took on Thursday. The procedure where they also took out my IUD, did a pap smear, and gave me my next Lupron shot. It's not good news. They found the cancer has spread to that spot. The weird thing is that area has been oddly itchy for roughly a year, and I mentioned that and another itchy area on a breast, at the time I really noticed it, to my primary care doc. She told me not to worry about it, and it was probably nothing. I'm wondering if I've been dealing with the cancer since then? Much earlier than I thought. Maybe it spread to that area before the bones. Would that area be considered skin or part of my reproductive tract? It was found throughout all the layers of the samples. Either way, it seems to be in another organ system now. They might have to take out even more when they do the hysterectomy, which means longer recovery time and more drastic looking. I thought it would just come back fine. #Biopsy #Hysterectomy #Health #Cancer #MetastaticBreastCancer #metastaticcancer #BreastCancer #tests


Does Anybody Have Portal Vein Thrombosis

When I was 5 yr old my whole family got pneumonia and got chest x-rays, including me. They discovered then that I had an enlarged spleen. Then came the tests. Countless tests and countless dr visits. Eventually I ended up at #HersheyMedicalCenter where they explained I have #portalveinthrombosis with #portalhypertension . It meant that my #portalvein that connects the #spleen to the #liver was blocked somehow, and so the blood had to find a different way to the #liver and back to the #heart so it backed up into the #spleen enlarging it before finding a completely new route. My #circulatorysystem is completely different from everyone else’s and since the #portalvein is blocked, it is causing pressure on places it shouldn’t be and also causing over time #liverdamage . Hence the #portalhypertension . I don’t really have high blood pressure, except in certain parts of my body. I’ve had all sorts of #tests done over the years, have seen a #specialist in #Nyc . It’s just like someone extra inside my body, causing this. Many people have different variations of it, usually due to #Cirrhosis but I’ve never found someone exactly like me. It would be nice to. #

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Against the wind

Sit down; this is going to take a few minutes.

A month and a half ago I had a mammogram. No biggie, right? It showed a calcium deposit so I
had to get a follow up diagnostic mammogram. Also, no biggie. Couldn’t be more wrong. Shall we dance?

My mammo was done on the bus that came to my work place. Not the usual people that do it but it was my scheduled time of year. My doctor, for some reason didn’t get results but I didn’t know that. When I received the phone call that I needed a follow up, I scheduled the appointment. When I arrived, they called my doctor for his approval of the test and he refused it. Wait. What?

And we’re now shuffling. So I go see my doctor the next t week, he writes a referral for someplace else, I go the following week and the referral us written incorrectly, can’t get the test done. Now I’m fuming! I called my doctor, yelled at his nurse, told her exactly what the tech said I needed the referral to say and told her to call me back. In the meantime, I went to the other place to get my films, which is stored somewhere else but they promised they’d r pedigree it for me. Nice dream, isn’t it? Are you still with me?

Ok. Referral is now written correctly and sent, appointment is set, I’m relaxed. Big mistake. The day before the test I get a call; they don’t have my films. Of course they don’t! Why should anyone do their jobs correctly? So I make the call, do the running, ream people out for apparently no reason (deer in headlights looks) and now I can breathe. Ha!

I finally get to the day of the tests, get to the facility with my films (it’s a CD), and I’m told the diagnostic mammogram is down! You have got to be kidding! In total, I’ve waited a month and a half to get this lousy thing done and once again I’m not going to be able to? I’ve rescheduled it one more time. Thus is the last time I’m doing this. As I see it, I’m not supposed to have this test done at this point. If my breast falls off, then so be it. I’ve didn’t more than enough time, gas, aggravation, brain real estate, and worry on this. Moving on.

Thank you for baring with me. Peace, light and love to you all! ✌️🎶❤️ #Mammogram #tests #Aggrivation #Referrals #Doctors #Running around


Another Day / EMG #emg #Disability #Doctorvisits #tests #Pain #PatientAndDoctorExperiences #AutoimmuneDisesase #UndiagnosedRareDisease #StiffPersonSyndrome #Lupus

Mouth dry, skin slick,
another form of
excitement “they” say.

Change into the coarse garment,
the doctor saunters in.
“You are going to be fine”, they say.
“It won’t even pinch”, they say.

Yet, as needles enter,
fire is set upon your skin.
Jolts, jumping, jerking,
“the easy part is over.”

“We are really ready to begin.”

“Lay still, lie flat, don’t move.”
While shards of glass enter skin,
bruising, burning, blistering.

“Don’t cry, it’s all done.”
Remember, today is
just another day.