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Yesterday my prompt of the day was: "draw a curious old man" and this is my take on it.

At first I wanted to use draw the classic OLD stereotype but then I changed my mind. There are so much beautiful examples of "old" in our world. All have their beauty and story so I drew fashionable, well taken care and younged soul "old" man instead.
I think if you feel alive in your soul you will be always evergreen just like if you are very young but you feel like an old soul inside the you will act old more than an actual "old" person.

Ahahah it's a fun and interesting thing to me.

What do you think? What do you feel?
Old? Young? Middle?
What do you think of the gentleman I drew? I think he is cool 😊❤️

#ArtTherapy #drawoftheday #yesterdayprompt #smile #Positiveenergy #artlover #howareyoutoday #haveaniceday

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Gorgeous sunrise #Positiveenergy

I just wanted to share some positive energy. This was the sunrise in my area this morning. It was stunning! I hope it helps brighten you day, today!

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Protect Your Energy

I never use to give much thought to “energy” until one of my sisters told me my energy is what attracts what comes into my life. Over the years I’ve realized she is right. There is a particular person in my life who is so negative and unhappy that I feel drained once I leave them and go home. They have a way of making everything about them and making me feel like I’ve somehow done something wrong. When I go about my days without hanging with that person, I feel lighter and more relaxed. So yes, energy exists. Positive Energy is important to preserve. Take care of your energy, don’t let anyone diminish it ❤️. #Anxiety #mentalheath #Positiveenergy #Quotes #InspirationalQuotes

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Sending Positive Vibes

Suffering from mental illness doesn’t mean we can’t have good days. I hope today at least one thing sparks joy in your soul. 💖 #Positiveenergy #Happysoul #PositiveVibes