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    Borderline + Distorted Self-Perceptions

    A person with BPD typically has an unstable self-identity. Sometimes, lies help them bridge the gap between their true identity and the one they've adopted for the time being. #BPD #Borderline #mentalheath

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    Fight, flight or freeze

    Heard of fight or flight? I spend most of my time frozen by FND

    If you came face to face with a bear you wouldn't fight it because it would kill you, you wouldn't run because it would catch you. So you freeze because it's the only option left when stuck in a stressful situation.

    I'm stuck in the sympathetic nervous system, which is telling my body I'm in danger. Causing my body to have an involuntary response. This part of the nervous system isn't designed to be active for a long period of time.

    I haven't found the right techniques to combat this yet and un-freeze but I'm learning through trial & error with grounding techniques, keeping a diary, noticing thoughts that could increase the stress.

    When I find the combination that helps my symptoms, I'll let you know!

    #ChronicIllness #FND #mentalheath

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    Poetic Testimonial ..... #MightyPoets

    Twas on the eve a day past Labor
    She bid a permanent adieu,
    As summer ebbed to autumn's glow
    Her next season began anew.

    A battle zone right from the start
    Embarked the day her mother bore,
    This quiet, shy and timid girl
    Whose heart the world broke to its core.

    Through years of hurt, abuse, neglect
    Watched safety climax in dead ends,
    Yet knew not of the only One
    Whose grace would soon be her best friend.

    Instead found solace in the likes
    Of pills, booze, money, drugs and sex,
    These multiplied trauma ten-fold
    Until her only thought was death.

    Evil of which free will had shown
    Weighted this heart heavy with pain,
    Shame filtered through the devil's voice
    A crux of self-blame swathed in chains.

    And then one night she did attempt
    Cause hope was nowhere in plain sight,
    Grief, anger, guilt topped off a soul
    Far too distraught to stay and fight.

    Yet freedom found was not in death
    But in the life He would rebirth,
    By virtue of a spirit sent
    Was finally found her Godly worth.

    A story shared, not unlike hers
    Held but one difference….and the key,
    Of whom she coined an earth angel
    Not long before, God set him free.

    He utilized thorns of this man
    To guide His little girl back home,
    Free will this time, a choice for good
    Now glorifies our Father's throne.

    By: Debra Brent

    #Poetry #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Healing #poet #purposeinthepain #personalitydisorder #mentalheath #struggling #artfromtheheart #youarenotalone #SuicideAwareness #BPD #EUPD #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Shame #Guilt #Grief #Addiction #Trauma #godsgotyou #Faith #testimonial

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    Why is men’s mental health taboo?

    For centuries, men have been told to be strong. We are now realizing that this toxic masculinity leads to toxic behavior, whether that is hurting yourself or hurting others. Asking for help and receiving help is okay. In fact, it allows us to be one best selves.

    Comment or like if you can relate!

    #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #toxicmasculinity #mentalheath #Shame #Fear #Cancer


    My girlfriend is in a mental institution #mentalheath #borderlinepersoanlitydisorder #Relationships #LongDistanceRelationships

    My girlfriend recently had to go to a mental institution because she was near suicide again... and she said Im the only reason she isnt dead now... but I miss her so much, and it hurts being away from her. I get barely any contact... how do I manage? How do I survive the time until she is home? Out anniversary is next week and we wont be celebrating it cause she is away from me... how can I make it through this, for her? I started self harming again. I cant eat. Cant concentrate... i need her but she needs to get better... im alone. I have. No one else... #Alonewithnosupport #PTSD #Loneliness #heartbreak #help #howdoicope #howdoidothis


    Life is Like a Poker Game #PTSD #mentalheath #addition #Disability

    All the struggles in life are like a poker hand You have to make the best from what you are dealt and you can’t fold


    Constantly checking my emails, think I get a bit obsessive. 😭 - How has your evening been? I need someone to talk to. #mentalheath

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    Struggling but hopeful

    I’m overwhelmed right now, mainly because we’re moving into a new house next week and there’s so much to do. Plus, I can’t be with my family for Thanksgiving. I know everyone is in the same boat but it’s still hard.
    I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and if your depression is taking hold right now, please reach out.
    We got this. #Depression #Anxiety #mentalheath


    How have you dealt with moving on from an adolescence of instant successes to adulthood, where persistence is key? #mentalheath #perfectionism

    When growing up, I met instant successes. School was a joke - finished work in class, loved and excelled in my extra-curriculum, unphased by drama. I got the jobs I wanted, cruised, got whatever promotions I sought. College, fitness, etc. were no different. I demanded perfection from myself and did it.

    Then, #InvisibleIllness sunk its teeth in. I realized when younger I instantly moved on to perfect something else if it wasn't natural. As an adult... well. I feel I have no adeptness in drive, practice, persistence. I didn't need it.

    I know there're others. How do you persist, cope, satisfy?


    #Relationships #mentalheath #Depression #Anxiety

    Lmao my ex is always constantly unblocking and blocking me. We spoke briefly and it was civil and then about 3 weeks ago she started being a dick for no reason so I told her I was done and gonna take a leaf out of everyone else’s book and stop giving a shit about her. And it’s like a mind game all the time of her unblocking and blocking. Like she wants me to message her but why should I? She should apologise for the cheating and other shit. Why can’t she just be fucking mature and admit she did shit wrong