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What I want too. #Postivity #Itsokay

I love going through Pinterest and saving quotes like this one to my boards. It makes me feel a little less alone, like there’s someone out there who cares and who knows what I’m going through.
You may have heard this a lot before, or maybe not at all, but I hope you know it now.

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Note to self: #RealTalk

Cut this foolishness.
Your head together
Your shit straight
Your wits about you

Whatever silly phrase indicates you want to put in the effort to live again.
Is this your life plan? Hospital after hospital after breakdown after breakdown?

Well, think again. That’s not the life you were destined for.
Destiny may be a dream, a foggy one at best, so foggy that you can’t see it...

But you will one day arrive at where you’re supposed to be.
Use your support resources - yeah those pills and that lady you talk to and your silly art and writing and

Get it, girl. Life is waiting for you.
I don’t know who else needs to hear this, but it’s waiting for you too.

#CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #PTSD #Postivity

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The Universe and You #Postivity #MentalHealth

Life is good right now, actually it’s amazing. I have gone from being unhappy and lost to a whole different direction. Let’s dive into this shall we. I started my transfer process for work, and right now healing my hands as well. I’m in the lab and learning about everything that goes into it. From germs and swabs to samples, I am so intrigued about how different it truly is. I always just thought hey samples take awhile but to see it! Everything has a process and time schedule, you truly learn to appreciate the position they are in and why rushing doesn’t work. Always be mindful to those who are in other fields, and the hard work they put into everything. From the techs to the team leads I salute you all!!

Secondly, can we talk about how much this community has grown?! Thank you so much for all of the new subscriptions, the views and reading my work. I can’t even describe how this feels to me besides just pure bliss, joy and amazement. Yesterday at I hit 1,111 for views, anyone who knows me knows I’m an 11:11 believer. To me this was the final sign from the Universe that this is everything and more. I might also add that yesterday was a new moon and it offered new beginnings and blessings. I get goosebumps just talking about it.

I have a lot going on in my personal and professional life that involves growth, and learning to love myself as an individual. My podcasts are drumming along, and this my baby truly. I focus about 90% of my business on this blog. I believe it will the thing that brings me to the top. Manifest what you believed, get the crystals out, charge those babies and make it work!! The right people and situations will fall into your lap unexpectedly, when you need it the most.

I also took some bigger steps in my business. I have a LinkedIn profile now where I’m making connections, and I have ordered some small things to put on here to purchase, like stickers and coaster. It’s a small part of a bigger plan to make myself a bigger presence in the business community. I know it takes time, like Ace said to me stop rushing life so much, and he’s right. I’m on fast track to hit my personal goals, but I want to also hit professional ones. Granted it took me less than a week to find a new job, it’s going to take more than that to find vendors and such to market my brand to. As I’ve said before the sky is the limit for me, I won’t stop until I feel my version of success is met.

If you ask me what that is, I would paying off my student loans, going to back to school and getting the degree I want, and investing my money. For someone who has lived with almost nothing and been homeless as a younger person, I can accomplish anything. I truly have no fear of what is in front of me, just pivot to the direction I need to be in. Remember rejection is redirection, you don’t give up, you go back and tweak your mistakes and present again. I’ve learned this so much as a business woman and owner


First day back at work

I started work again today after 4 months off. I have been too scared and anxious to go back because of COVID. I've always been scared and paranoid about germs, diseases COVID feels like my worst nightmare. Scared to get my family sick but taking every precaution at work and at home.
And my first day back went well! Let's just hope it continues this way!
#Postivity #COVID19 #corona #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #phobias #Anxiety #Anxiety #covidanxiety
Conquering fears 💪

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Speaking #Postivity #Selfcare and #Gratitude into 2019

Here’s to a 2019 of positivity, gratitude, determination and self-care. To continuing to kick butt at therapy, taking more and more steps every day, eliminating more assistive devices, finally mastering just ONE single stair, and living every day fully and fearlessly!!

Yes, I have MS, and yes, I’m still wheelchair-bound and not able to walk or stand independently after being diagnosed last year but... “Being challenged in life is inevitable; being defeated is optional.”

So happy to have found The Mighty and #52SmallThings