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Help #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Pain #problem #help

Hello people ☺️
, i have a strange problem ; probably due to my hypersensitivity/chronic pain.
I just moved into a new appartement so i have a new toilet. When i sit on the toilet, the seat hurts under my thighs. It really hurts. It's pinching & squeezing them. I do not know what to do to help the situation. I am lost & kinda sad. I can't have the toilet seat changed! I hope my thighs will get used to it. If you have any suggestion please help me!! # # #

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Does God can help with our problems?

As everybody time to time have anxiety, i just asked myself one time- what if i try to open the Bible, as we know this is words from our creator of world, as we know that God is love. And nobody loves us much more that God and Jesus Christ.

And you know what - it's helping me with my anxiety, problems e.t.c. I thanks to God everything what i have.

Sometimes when i feel bad, i just say to myself - Jesus Christ was suffer his pain, so i need as well suffer it, and after this words (1-2 hour) everything changing to better.

I swear. So this is my small advice to everybody who struggling with anxiety.

If you want to start for example speak with God, try to use this random Bible verse

This will help you to make the first step.

What yout think about it, is God can help you in your problems?

#Anxiety #god #problem #BipolarDepression #god #Depression #struggling #Problems #sad


Is the Grass Greener?

#problem #Life

It is normal for people to pursue new opportunities, especially when it concerns improving their careers and life in general. In most cases, individuals are likely to take a new chance if there are more benefits compared to what they currently enjoy. However, it is difficult to realize whether the new opportunity has more advantages before getting a first-hand experience. It is important for people pursuing a new employment option to understand fully how it is better in relation to their current place of work. It is significant to critically analyze the situation before making the decision relating to taking a new employment opportunity to prevent future regret.

Having worked at the current company for eleven years, it is my desire to seek promotion to advance my career. To compete effectively, I understand the need to improve my education. I thought that acquiring a Bachelor's degree is a positive step toward securing a promotion. Having been keen on advancement in my company, a new employment opportunity emerges in a rival firm, and I have been recommended for a position by my former supervisor, which means that the job is clearly mine to take. However, there is a problem concerning the start date in the new employment. It is in two weeks, right during my final exam period for my courses. This creates a massive dilemma relating to whether I should first pass my exams, complete my Bachelor’s degree and lose the new employment opportunity or take the chance and abandon my studying. It is important to employ the six-step problem-solving process to deal effectively with this issue. This procedure involves defining the problem, analyzing it, coming up with options and evaluating them, making a decision and finally implementing it and reflecting on whether the selected alternative was the most effective.

Definition of the Problem

The problem in this scenario relates to choosing between the new employment opportunity or concentrating on the final exams. Education is necessary for career development. Continually seeking promotion in my current place of work, it has been a good idea to acquire a Bachelor's degree to qualify for the preferment. Advancement in the workplace requires one to have certain academic qualification and experience in a particular area. I have acquired work experience of eleven years; it is evident that the only thing I need to secure a promotion in my current position is a higher academic qualification. To prove that I have the certified educational qualification needed for professional development, I will have to pass the final exams enabling me to graduate and acquire a degree appropriate in my field of work. However, before completing the degree, I have received a new job offer, which I have to take immediately. The key problem is that the start date coincides with my final exams.

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I don't know what to do

I'm 15 years old, from Croatia and I would like to know if I can schedule an appointment with a doctor without a parent, because every time I go to the doctor with my mom she always tells me what I can say and what I can't , or she won't let me speak at all, I tried to tell her about EDS, but she tells me it's all in my head, that I'm imagining and just looking for attention. #EDS #help #problem


Pyothorax with fistula?

Does anybody have this? I just found out I have this problem, but apparently I’ve had it since 2012. What should I do? How do I know if it’s getting worse? #Lung #problem #help #Fistulas