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Behind the Smile hides a Sea of Secrets

#imagine your #Life as a #different person. Imagine that you do not have a #MentalHealth condition that affects your everyday life. Think about it. Would you really be #happier by being Not You? I do not think so.

#everybody has #Problems , this is a phrase we hear a lot. It seems to minimize your own issues and make it seem as though someone else's means more #severe than your own concerns.

We are #luckier than most but not as lucky as some. That's another phrase an ex boyfriend once told me. I believe it. I may be #struggling to make #sense of things, but it will not make me #stop #Trying to do the right thing.

What are your #Thoughts ?

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When everything seems to go wrong around you

As far back as I can remember many things have gone wrong. In recent years I’ve often considered that I’m the common denominator. Maybe I’m the one that attracts destruction and those who would likely cause harm.

Does anyone else experience things frequently going wrong around them? Problems in relationships and at work? People getting hurt or suddenly dying or their life falls apart?

#Depression #frustrated #Upset #AnxietySymptoms #Relationships #Work #Problems #Guilt

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* Internal Screaming * 😭🤬

High school is such a pain in my ass! 3 papers are due today and it's only the 4th school day this term! 😭🤬😭🤬😭🤬

#Ugh #HighSchool #struggle #teenagers #teenager #Teen #Problems

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Does God can help with our problems?

As everybody time to time have anxiety, i just asked myself one time- what if i try to open the Bible, as we know this is words from our creator of world, as we know that God is love. And nobody loves us much more that God and Jesus Christ.

And you know what - it's helping me with my anxiety, problems e.t.c. I thanks to God everything what i have.

Sometimes when i feel bad, i just say to myself - Jesus Christ was suffer his pain, so i need as well suffer it, and after this words (1-2 hour) everything changing to better.

I swear. So this is my small advice to everybody who struggling with anxiety.

If you want to start for example speak with God, try to use this random Bible verse

This will help you to make the first step.

What yout think about it, is God can help you in your problems?

#Anxiety #god #problem #BipolarDepression #god #Depression #struggling #Problems #sad


How to get #help when you have been avoiding your #Problems ?

I haven't seen my psychiatrist is over a year... Last I seen her, I was put on mood stabilizers and was supposed to start DBT. Then I got pregnant and stopped taking my meds. Then covid happened and I stopped the DBT.. Was supposed to restart it in September but I had some pretty stressful stuff happen in September (on top of a newborn!) So that didn't happen.
Now, I'm at a point where I am self aware enough to know I need the therapy and possibly the medication but not in crisis ATM. And I can't put myself into crisis mode either. How do I reach out for the help and be taken seriously even though I'm not in crisis mode?


Insurance issues

Is anyone here from Iowa and ever dealt with Amerigroup and Medicaid?
I’m trying to switch to Iowa Total Care and everybody EXCEPT my doctors seems to be giving me the run around! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around with insurance?!?
It’s been over a month since I had therapy and needless to say a lot of sh!t has happened in that month. I’m not going to be able to keep it together much longer. And I swear if them giving me the run around messes with my meds they’re never gonna hear the end of it....
#Insurance #Problems #Undiagnosed #Depression #Anxiety


What happened tody

My father might go blind. He's suffered a heart attack 10+ years back causing him to get bypass surgery. A few years later he sufferes a stroke. He's also been q diabetic since his 20s now he has bleeding well has had bleeding in the back of both eyes causing vision problems like blurring and seeing floaters. Its gotten quite serious. He doesn't like to talk about his health 😔 and if some of you follow me you know that my family is a dysfunctional one. Ya see my 2nd eldest brother is a bum drunk with a wife and 3 kids he doesn't support them neither does his wife. Both dont work. My folks have been trying to kick them out and they just wont leave more like my brother refuses to leave. Hes a narcissistic pice of crap. And the fights my mom and dad have with him scare the living crap outta me because my mom is also like my dad except she got bypass two times and doesn't have the bleeding in eyes but is partially blind in both eyes. And a whole lotta other health issues. List is as big as a 2in binder. I have made my peace with my dads diagnosis and also with both parents declined health. I am scared of losing them especially with this pandemic. I have this all in my head and...well honestly idk how I feel...I've repressed my feelings. And I'm hollow ish. I feel an aching in my chest. I know I cant do much for them. I havent gotten a job but I've applied to countless places. And I dont think ill get my license anytime soon 😔 I'm I guess overwhelmed. Idk how to feel or process this. All I can do is say I'm gonna be ok and keep to myself cry later. Just smile for now and laugh. Because I still have my folks with me. #Advice #Family #Depression #Problems #helpme

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#Believe #Hope #HoldOn #NeverGiveUp #determined #change

Gotta "Believe", as my little ceramic garden frog says!!! I've been where I only hoped for death. I'm near there still. But after 4 days of intense physical #Pain ,that finally affected me yesterday- #Emotionally & #mentally & #spiritually , I'm determined to have a #better #day #today !!!! Damn Straight!!!! Out with intrusive #negative thoughts,& memories. Out with holding onto #resentments I've held on to from those who've badly & painfully done &/or said malicious things to #hurt me. I've been #oppressed by these things too long !!!! I'm "shaking it off - I'm throwing it away. Well,let's be honest. Let's say, I'm not going to quit working on it. I suppose it's a process....but it starts with a decision & succeeds with #Determination & #tenacity !!!! ~·~·~· #PTSD #Memories #Trauma #multipletrauma #Drugged #raped ~·~·~· story is too ugly to continue on this chucking it all atleast for today. I need a day off from this high degree of continual #Anxiety & #Depression & #Pain . it's affecting my #Sleep & the intensity of pain of my #Fibromyalgia going to "find some #peace of #mind " (a line from a RHCP song. ) I'm "on #Vacation " ,.......(from my #Problems )😁oh man, but DOES MY BODY #hurt !!! ......Need #rest & ssleep......this morning I have a virtual psychiatric appt .via ZOOM......a "Psych-Eval "- geeze!!! God give me #strength !!!!........ & another cup of #coffee !!!!☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕