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#Society what do y’all think 🤔

you not a #Slut because you like sex

you not a #whore because you want to be tied down

you not a #prostatute because you want to look good

you not a #Bitch because you stand up for yourself

you not a #prude because you have different comfort zone

you not a #cougar because you you’re in love

you not a #cunt because you’re a woman

you not a #bimbo because you not as smart as others

you not a #slob because you wear sweets

you not a #tryhard because you you dress up

you not #obese because you have curves

you not #Anorexic because you petite

you’re NOT who SOCIETY makes you be


NSFW, Adult Cont: Why Can't Guys Be Compassionate About Sex?

NSFW, Adult Content

I'm tired of feeling guilty for having grown up in a society that is vomit-inducingly, rage-inducingly women-oppressing to the point that we females all grow up thinking, from before the age of /puberty/ for s#!t's sake, that we have to put out to be liked, suck d!ck to be loved, take it in the a$$, want sex as much as men do, have sex even if we don't feel like it, keep our men happy in the bedroom however they want it and with more and more kink and lingerie and role-play lest they sleep around on us, always be fun and happy and flirty so they don't ever feel bored, annoyed, glum, or angry (heaven forbid if /we/ 'make' /them/ feel angry), and in general have no autonomy in the bedroom nor a relationship because they can't fü¢k¡ng handle that they grew up in the same fü¢k¡ng world yet like it that way - so they play a role, expressing: how dare we feel smothered when they stick their d!ck in our face or pressured when they expect it to be sucked on their wedding night, and how dare we feel accosted and not like when our husbands jump into bed with erections pressed into our a$$es and grab our t!ts with obvious expectations - how dare we deny them what porn and society have taught them is their birthright; how dare we make them feel like part of the horrible, oppressive world that we /all/ grew up in and that is an assault to female existence, because they “didn't know” it wasn't right nor fair and thus “can't help” but act this way - instead of recognizing and seeing the world for what it is, as we women have all too keenly seen for far, far too lon; instead of being compassionate, calm, understanding, patient, caring, and gentle with us when we are nervous, hesitant, or silent during sex but can't find the words to say: “Wait, I'm having a moment, this is uncomfortable for me; I don't know if I want to do this because I've been told I must my whole life, and right now I no longer know where society's sexual pressures end and my sexuality begins”?

#Sex #oppression #MentalHealth #Pressure #Society #pornculture #rapeculture #suckit #lickit #takeit #doit #putout #tease #prude #frigid #worthless #Depression #Anxiety #rumination #Worrying #Fear #Uncomfortable #neverenough justafcktoy #sexbotscantcomefastenough #nopunintended