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#Society what do y’all think 🤔

you not a #Slut because you like sex

you not a #whore because you want to be tied down

you not a #prostatute because you want to look good

you not a #Bitch because you stand up for yourself

you not a #prude because you have different comfort zone

you not a #cougar because you you’re in love

you not a #cunt because you’re a woman

you not a #bimbo because you not as smart as others

you not a #slob because you wear sweets

you not a #tryhard because you you dress up

you not #obese because you have curves

you not #Anorexic because you petite

you’re NOT who SOCIETY makes you be


Help me cook dinner for my son.... #RecentlyDivorced #Anorexic #IDontKnowHowToCook #CheckInWithMe

I’m very recently divorced & my ex would always make dinner for our son because as an anorexic I’ve never made dinner or anything besides boxed Mac & cheese, grilled cheese, & ramen noodles. I’m really struggling with feeling worthless now because I don’t know how to make the meals my child wants. Any ideas for very simple easy dinners would be helpful.


#EatingDisorders #overthinking #Depression #Anorexic

Everyday or every other day while breastfeeding my little peanut, I can see myself in the mirror and I can’t stand the sight of my stomach. For years I’ve battled with anorexia. Yes I have a beautiful 2 month old, and breastfeeding her is the most amazing thing in the world. I just wish how I look. I just want to be happy! 😕


I thought I was done

Last night I stopped eating at 10:00. I didn’t eat again til 5:00 the next day and almost passed out. I thought I was done with anorexia. But I guess I’m not #AnorexiaNervosa #Anorexic #DiabetesType1 #Depression #Anxiety #Epilepsy


Primary care doctor is #Fatshaming

My primary care doctor is really getting on me for my weight and I’m afraid it’s making me want to be #bulimic and #Anorexic. She doesn’t understand that I was doing really well mentally until that appointment!


Experience of my life, how I stared everything.

#Anorexic . I didn’t have a complete family, my father left my mother when he got pregnant and I never met him (something that I didn’t understand, and I wanted to know the reason why); during my research about to know who’s my father, my uncle an important figure for me, passed away. I began to feel fat, some people bullying me at school, even my mother and her friends, so I decide to stop eating and throw up everything. I was killing myself day by day and when I wanted to stop I couldn’t, I began to cut wrists frequently, I hated myself, I hated the way my mother treated me, she left me out when I needed her the most... (I’ll keep writing next post)