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    Yoga Based Therapy #Abuse #Bullying #CPTSD #ptsd-old

    The bundle of emotions, pain, and memories of traumatic events (in some cases) can be stored in the muscle. This is more prevalent when the victim covers or masks these experiences with extreme exercise such as endurance cycling, bodybuilding, continuing military deployment, or perhaps training for the NFL. In later years, these memories return in many forms, PTSD and Complex PTSD are both common. In many groups (one example being the military) this pain is often covered up in the name of being brave, a stance that has led to approximately one suicide/day among military vets since 1963 (current military suicide rates are a little higher). For me, bravery is when the victim confronts those memories, processes the emotions, and works to gain control of the consequences that they, and those around them, endure as a result of traumatic events in their past.
    In yoga-based treatment the client tries to induce a flashback through the exercises. The client then continues working to extract as much of the negative emotions as possible, they then go back and help the emotional wound heal through loving and at times spiritual care of the area that has stored this negative energy for so long. Perhaps someday the AMA will recognize the value of Holistic Medicine and this type of therapy will be available more people. Sadly, there are many cultural mindsets that are preventing this from taking place, even if it would save lives. #PTSD #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #narcissisticmom #Narcissiticabuse #narcissisticabusesurvivor #NarcissisticMother #Narcissistfather #Bullying #ChildAbuse #childabusesurvivors #ChildAbuse

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