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Yoga Based Therapy #Abuse #Bullying #CPTSD #ptsd-old

The bundle of emotions, pain, and memories of traumatic events (in some cases) can be stored in the muscle. This is more prevalent when the victim covers or masks these experiences with extreme exercise such as endurance cycling, bodybuilding, continuing military deployment, or perhaps training for the NFL. In later years, these memories return in many forms, PTSD and Complex PTSD are both common. In many groups (one example being the military) this pain is often covered up in the name of being brave, a stance that has led to approximately one suicide/day among military vets since 1963 (current military suicide rates are a little higher). For me, bravery is when the victim confronts those memories, processes the emotions, and works to gain control of the consequences that they, and those around them, endure as a result of traumatic events in their past.
In yoga-based treatment the client tries to induce a flashback through the exercises. The client then continues working to extract as much of the negative emotions as possible, they then go back and help the emotional wound heal through loving and at times spiritual care of the area that has stored this negative energy for so long. Perhaps someday the AMA will recognize the value of Holistic Medicine and this type of therapy will be available more people. Sadly, there are many cultural mindsets that are preventing this from taking place, even if it would save lives. #PTSD #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #narcissisticmom #Narcissiticabuse #narcissisticabusesurvivor #NarcissisticMother #Narcissistfather #Bullying #ChildAbuse #childabusesurvivors #ChildAbuse

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last night my father had a fit of rage after he told me my sigarettes stink and i told him hez zol to. then he started shouting atme tellig me i shouldt talk back. the suddenly hesays hes tired of always helping everyone and no one helps him and the girlfriend is pissing him off and she must fuckoff. he screamed that hewill drive into a brickwall with hes bike and will slit hes throat. and hes in so mutch pain and we dont care.

i left the room coz i had an anxiety attack when i came back he starts hugging me and crying!? what does this mean? was he havin a narc episode or was it for real.

i had a second anxiety attack and iv got spindolosis which affects your balance and walking after the anxiety my legs just didnt want to work. then according to him i was drunk. wtf


Narcissistic parents #NarcissisticAbuse #Narcissitparent #Narcissistfather #NarcissisticMother #NarcissiticSister

The more I learn about narcissistic parents, the more I get flashbacks of my childhood growing up until now. I’m 28 years old and have the independence and voice to speak. I’m currently no contact with my sister. My mom have been in fights and arguments for the past month the more I’m educated and speaking up about it to defend myself. It escalated pretty badly and the fights got worse. I’m trying to go no contact with my mother as well. I think the last time she came to visit last weekend she got the hint. She went from calling me everyday to not calling at all. Maybe this can also be a trap I don’t know. A few weeks ago my mom was projecting on me and making everything my fault, making it seem like I’m the devil or something over text. I finally decided to tell her which I have told no one that I was trying to kill myself at the age of 11 but didn’t go through with it. She changed the subject and asked me if I have submitted my resume since I’ve been looking for a job after I got laid off. I was shocked! Like your own daughter is telling you that she was trying to kill herself. The lack of sympathy towards me was starting to get worse. Right now I’m emotional, I’m crying and have anxiety because of all the flashbacks that are coming to mind. It’s no wonder I wanted to end my life as a kid. I never felt loved or accepted. I was taking on abuse in the house from my father, mother, and sister. Then I’d go to school and deal with more abuse with people picking on me and beating me up. One flashback the just came to my mind is this. I remember this time as a kid where if I did something wrong, my mom would treat me as if I was the worst. She would neglect me, show disgust and hold a grudge for a long time. When guests would come, she would treat me the best, acting kind and asking me to help her serve the guests. When they would leave, she went back to treating me horribly. Imagine the confusion as a kid. I remember exactly how I was feeling. She did this to me so many times, I got used to it, but I always felt, wishing that the way she was treating me in front of her guests would have lasted for as long as I live with or without the guests. Sometimes I wish I could go back to my younger self as my older self and be there for me so that my kid self would have someone by her side. I grew up alone without much guidance. I just needed to vent this out.


How do I not let a narcissist affect me? #Narcissistfather #SelfDoubt

I’m 23 years old. I grew up with a narcissistic father, but it wasn’t until this past year that I understood what that meant. Everyday I deal with the thoughts I’m not good enough and I second guess everything. On my 23rd birthday my father cut me out and has been giving me the silent treatment ever since. He secretly got married and was angry with me when I was upset over the shocking news. How do you deal with this type of person, especially when he is your own father? #Unansweredquestions

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Has any one ever used a legal aid lawyer? And is there such a thing as a regular lawyer that does pro bono work? #alienated parent #Divorced #Lawyers #Missingmydaughter #Ithurtssobad #Narcissistfather #Iwasafool #Hebrokeeveryrulejudgemade #MyHeartHurts #Pleasetellmeyourhonestopinion

It’s been 3 years since my daughter has lived with me, he enrolled her in a school without me knowing, I don’t see her for months. I thought that things would go back to the way they were which was shared custody, I was in huge denial, I never thought anyone could be so mean. I’m not perfect, but one thing I can tell you is that I followed all the judges rules each and every one, and raised my daughter the very best that I could, never said a bad word about her dad, or tell her how mean he actually is to me. And he has bought her love, and told her many lies. He has $$$, and I don’t! #Talkingtohimdoesntwork #Hetellsmeconstantlysheisjusttobusy #Heputherineverysportimagineable #Wantmydaughterback #Ifeelsodown #Hehaswreckedmyselfesteemandselfworth #Somedaysiwishiwouldjustdie #Thepainistomuch #Ilovedbeingamom #IwantmybabybackHELP #dontknowwhattodo #Mydaughterneedsamom #Shehasnosparetimetoseeme #Ilovehermorethananything