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How to not Therapize Your Girlfriend

Provide a safe space for your girlfriend to explore her own emotions safely with you and yes, without you. Encourage her to speak to a licensed professional when feeling the urge to offer advice when maybe, she just needs someone to listen to her vent.

Be a shoulder to cry on without trying to fix the reason that’s causing her tears. It’s hard to see the ones we love in pain, but it’s better to provide healthier options to cope with negative emotions or symptoms of any mental distress.

When your girlfriend is struggling and all you want to do is help, the best thing could be seeking a therapist, counselor, psychologist, mental health doctor, etc.

There’s only so much we can do until given the right tools as an educated support system!

Best wishes,

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Question about fluvoxamine

started Fluvoxamine at 25mg at night time.
I didn’t sleep for two nights and I felt very low both days & of course not sleeping contributes to the low mood. Due to that I was having suicidal thoughts, I spoke to my husband who was away for work & stopped the meds.

I left it for a week & tried it again thinking I might have been in a different head space or mood. The same thing happened. Feeling worried I saw my GP coz my psychi is away for 2 months.
I was told to try it again during the day, make sure my husband is home.

Has anyone had issue?
Insomnia, suicidal thoughts, low mood?

#Antidepressant #Insomnia #Lowmood #Medication #Pyschiatrist #Fluvoxamine #SuicidalThoughts

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