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Feeling good today and I'm grateful

Today was normal ( at least for me). Actually normal and I'm glad because yesterday was a really sad day for me. I am so happy that I get to have these feelings and that I get to share them here. I think it's absolutely important to appreciate the good days and express the bad.

Now that I am here, I wanted to ask you all what you feel about new year resolutions. Do you think they are uplifting or could lead to disappointment in the future?

#Resolutions #happy #FuriouslyHappy #hopeful #ready

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#CheerMeOn today was worth the work

#multiple chronic conditions #mental illness#Anxiety #breast cancer survivor 15 yrs#ready to give up
February 2019 lost my medicaid nurse, mental health peer support person and counselor of 3 yrs
May 17th
Living life on my terms again


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I’m ready but scared.

I have started to realize that me dealing with whatever is going on by myself is not working. I can tell I’m not me anymore and I want to get back to her. I’m just scared. I worried that everything will change. I have gotten so used to getting by that I’m not sure what will happen when I get help. I freeze every time I get ready to make an appointment. I know I need todo this I’m just scared. #scared #ready