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Work from home helps people with chronic conditions

I wish my employer would understand truly how much it helps to work from home instead of seeing the hybrid policy of 3 days at home and 2 days in the office as minimal and pressuring me to come in more often. I work best from home for so many reasons not the least of which includes delayed sleep phase syndrome and chronic pain. I focus better at home without the distractions and noises of an office. When I am in the office to work, it is chaotic for me and I get less done and I feel physically stressed and it causes pain flares. I have an accommodation note from my doctor but I don't want to use it because then it can become contentious. Yes it is illegal to discriminate against someone because of a disability but it happens all the time and you still have to fight it. And I don't have the spoons or energy to do that. I need the job. I'm just very disappointed that work from home is still seen as not working as much when it's clearly the opposite for me. #workfromhome #remotework #SymptomManagement

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Dreading returning to in person work

After nearly 18 months of #workingremotely due to the pandemic, many people are being called back to their offices. I work at a community college, which has begun some in person classes and student services like financial aid and admissions and records.

First of all, I’m terrified of the delta variant, especially because I’m over 60 and obese. Secondly, I’ve turned into a real hermit during lockdown and have to really push myself to go anywhere. I still do all my shopping online and will continue to do so indefinitely since I’ve always hated in person shopping anyhow.

Currently I’m not required to return to campus until January and I’m relieved that President Biden announced today that we’ll all get booster shots eight months after we became fully vaccinated earlier this year. For me, that will be in December. However I’m still fearful.

How are my fellow autistics feeling about returning to in person work? If you are fully vaccinated, are you concerned about breakthrough infections? #breakthroughinfection #deltavariant #returningtowork #autismonthejob #remotework

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#Accessibility shouldn't be optional

There is no good reason to undo all the accessibility that has happened over the past year. They gave us such grief about wanting to be able to accomplish things from home, until "they" needed to be able to do so. Then, magically, it was figured out. So they've proven they can. Choosing not to is discriminating against all of us that drastically need remote options for work, appointments, education, government & community programs, etc. There is no reason the same things put in place during the pandemic can't be made permanent. Other than it may interfere with their profit somehow- which is not a good enough reason. Neither are archaic notions about what "working" is. I'm really frustrated with the world right now. As humans, we weren't meant to be focusing on money above all other things- which is what is forced on us, considering it literally takes money just for survival. Countries should be pitted against each other- they should be working together to progress the human race. We are stuck in what I believe they'll eventually label "The Age of Money" or something similar. One day, when our children figure out that how it's been done up until now is not working, and it's time to take a different approach. We are holding ourselves back by not learning from each other, and working together to make sure all humans have the basic requirements for survival. Competition is doing what it is meant to, but it's also having a greater impact of restricting communication, and preventing cooperation. It's all about who can make the money off of whatever rather than what it means for society, and that isn't doing us any favors. For more from me, visit the link in my profile #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #InvisibleIllness #Spoonie #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #fibrowarrior #Fibromyalgia #MultipleSclerosis #MentalHealth #remotework #workfromhome #Accessibility


Hi. working as a senior instructional designer in a top company in Dubai. fibro, RA, chronic fatigue warrior. any legit work from home? pls help.

I'm looking for remote working options so I have the flexibility to do what it takes to cope with my conditions. please help. money is paramount to upkeep health with such a syndrome.
#NowHiring #workfromhome #remotework #Fibromyalgia #hiringnow #freelance