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The Holidays

#strength #resiliance #Determination #Love

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words!

Sometimes you need to read a thousand words!

Sometimes you need to hear a thousand words!

Them that see Them that hear Them that speak 🗣️

Be your own #Muse #Repeat #21dayhabits

Just Watch what God will do for you!


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Spent 2 days feeling on top of the world then today, sad... no enthusiasm... Alcohol once again welcome & a strong desire to abuse prescription meds in order to sleep away the pain 😕 #Repeat #Repeat #Repeat



My SO has slept one the couch 3nights in a row. Sometimes I feel like I’m just his kids mother and nothing more. I need attention and affection. I need to feel loved and not like a robot doing one day on repeat. #alone #BadDay #Repeat #Ineedlove



Sometimes I have a train of thought and it leads me down a rabbit hole of other thoughts that don’t connect at all. But then I get stuck on one thing and it plays in my head like someone pressed “Repeat” on a song. It’s not even a song. It could be a phrase or a word or even rereading a text a million times that I sent hours ago.

The thing is, it makes me so angry and frustrated. I feel like a broken record when I get stuck on something and say it over and over and over again in my head as if someone were whispering it into my ear from a distance. I know I’m not the only one, but I feel a little crazy when it happens. I tell myself it’s not normal and try to think about something else.

But then something just replaces that phrase like a picture in my head or another phrase. It makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes. It makes me want to self harm like I used to just to let it escape through my open wounds so it’ll stop bothering and pestering me.

I get so lost in my head it’s terrifying. I get stuck in there like I’m in a dark cave with no light and no way back to the exit. No going back. No return. I just wish it would stop so I can have a moment a silence. But inside my head is never a moment of silence. There’s. Always. Something. Happening. #BipolarDisorder #Repeat #Getoutofmyhead