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The Holidays

#strength #resiliance #Determination #Love

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words!

Sometimes you need to read a thousand words!

Sometimes you need to hear a thousand words!

Them that see Them that hear Them that speak 🗣️

Be your own #Muse #Repeat #21dayhabits

Just Watch what God will do for you!


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Today's been a boring day. A rainy Christmas day. A mild winter day. #merrychristmas 2021 #TheMighty

Why is that when guy's DM you on here they always ask to talk on WhatsAPP or google play one? I always say no because i don't want to and don't use them. Then asking me tell him about myself. So i answer the not arried and no kids. Cuz They always ask that. Then the idiot say's "This isn't a datting app". Like no kidding i knowo that. do You?

I'M faking feeling happy today/niight, #Depression

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Just some positive blessing. #merrychristmas

I think the reason i felt sad today is because my moms not here. But over all I watched Christas with the kranks and it was funny and put a smile on y face. Think youreally need to dig deep inside and find somethig to be thankful for. Just make the best of today, #Bluechristmas #Depression

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I wish you all a Merry Christmas 🎄

I was surrounded by my loved ones and tried to feel some joy, but I felt only happy for a few moments. Of course, my nephews and niece made me smile, I love being an aunt! ❤️ I just wish I could feel the happiness so many feels, without my nephews and niece, I don't feel the happiness any more.. Not the way I should and want. I have tried to find what really makes me happy, but every bit of happiness dissapeard the beginning of 2011. That's another story for another time (if I haven't mentioned it already).

Stay safe everyone, and take care of yourself! ❤️ Sending you lots of love! ❤️


Merry Christmas

No matter where you are or who you are with today, may the day be filled with hope, love, joy, and happiness.

Merry Christmas everyone.