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The Holidays

#strength #resiliance #Determination #Love

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words!

Sometimes you need to read a thousand words!

Sometimes you need to hear a thousand words!

Them that see Them that hear Them that speak 🗣️

Be your own #Muse #Repeat #21dayhabits

Just Watch what God will do for you!


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I've been a patient and health advocate for many years. Getting diagnosed with and living with a rare immune disease is no easy feat and I have learned many things along the way. I try to share some things with you to help keep you and those around you healthy. Here are some tips that can help get you through this pandemic.

1) Pay attention to what's going on around you. Are case numbers going up? Are local Facebook friends saying they are sick? This by the way is useful information for other infectious diseases too including the flu. But it's only useful if you apply that information to your life.

2) If cases are going up take a good hard look at your daily activities and at your calendar. What things do you not need to be doing right now? What activities can be modified or done in a safer way? For example, you do need to go to work and to your doctor's appointments, but maybe you should pass on an indoor event that is not essential and not worth risking your health.

3)Layer protections. We all know by now the things that can help prevent covid infections. Do as many of them as you can.

4) Mental health is important, in fact, I think mental health will be an issue we grapple with long after the pandemic. Take care of your mental health and do some things you enjoy, but also be aware of what risks you are taking, and think of it as gambling. Try to not push your luck if the odds are stacked against you. Know that your lucky streak will likely run out the longer and more you play. More chances equal more risk. For example, instead of going into a store every day, buy what you need for the week so you are taking 1 chance instead of 7. It's a very simple idea that can reduce your risk once you get into the habit of thinking this way.

5)Avoid overconfidence. This is probably the most important. Humans have a horrible tendency of thinking they are all that and that no harm can ever come to them. The Titanic was said to be unsinkable before it sank. Let that sink in. There are many times that really bad things happen because people wrongfully think that they have everything perfectly under control. Maintaining some sense of caution is the wisest attitude to have. People who are not overconfident will remain humble and are more likely to take precautions and respond appropriately to a threat.

Our non-medical underlying conditions as human beings and as a country have made this pandemic worse than it had to be. Let's think in terms of damage control and repair moving forward. How can we as individuals, communities, and a country become more resilient? These are conversations we need to have but each one of us can work on ourselves in the meantime.

I hope you all have a safe & healthy holiday! #COVID19 #omicron #pandemic #pandemiclife #MentalHealth #resiliance #communitymatters #Overconfidence #riskassessment

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Journaling Gems: Hope#resiliance #courage #hopeful

Hope could be described as desire combined with expectancy. It defies boundaries and anticipates future good. Hope is larger and more courageous than wishes. Unlike specific expectations that put limitations on our lives, hope says life can emerge from even the most difficult or chaotic circumstances. Hope refuses to accept misery as an option.

Meanwhile, life tends to show up as a series of interruptions -- both pleasing and disappointing. And we each posses a wealth of resources that can support us when we encounter a rocky passage. Resilience, courage, adaptability, patience, imagination, and more provide great tools for moving back to center. I call these assets, not the kind that show up in a resume, but gifts that can keep us connected to unlimited hope.

Describe your understanding of hope. Does it put limitations on your life and future possibilities, or does it encourage you to explore and expand life? Name your assets and describe how you might make good use of them today and in the future.

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#inspirational #Lyrics #rock #kickass #Song #Music (This link to YouTube song). .....
I just recently heard it & I listen to it over & over!! It's about finding. #strength 💪#Hope 🙏 #Determination#resiliance 👌.... goes .....🎶"Cuz we Don't Stop.!!....No we Don't Stop..!!!., Keep on digging deep keep digging deep, keep digging deep , keep Digging DEEP, KEEP DIGGING!!!!"🎶🎶🎶🎶........


#TheBlessedSoul #Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia ##ChronicPain

Gnawing, pulling, like the smell of a lover you can't resist… Touch me one more time, help me escape what I don't want to feel. Life.. like God's f*ked up joke. “He's holding you, guiding you through this pain, when he doesn't answer is when he's guiding you the most”. Abandoned, betrayed, faltered, this is when I need to hear your voice the most!
Those who suffer with mental issues are God's most “beloved children”. You choose the deepest darkest path to conquer, and the angels sing your praise the most… What the hell??!!!! I've held on to you, we radiate hope! We're the ones who believe in you the most!
Now you say I chose this life, to learn the greatest lesson, a lesson most will choose to forgo… But we are the strongest in your book of woe. We are your fallen angels that will be exalted. Promises that we will reign on the other side because we chose the lesson to separate, alienate, walk through hell, so you can boast. We live in fear, we hide because the norm will never be what we know.
So many that have checked out before their time because we could no longer hold on. The judgement we bare, the wispers from the daft. “But you don't look sick?” As we smile through the pain that runs so excruciatingly deep. Others call us selfish and weak. Constantly we just pray for relief. Empaths a lot of us are. So messed up because truth is all we feel, the world's pain magnified by our own is what we reap.
We're trying, were holding on for one last breath, or the start of our first, what's real, what's younique. We are the abandoned ones, your light always, always we seek. Having hope and faith is really the only thing that keeps most of us above ground.
Where the f*ck are you God!!?? When are souls continue to practice what you preach. Where are you Lord? Where are you Lord?…. Holy shit, I'm exhausted… Please just bring the darkness, please, just once let me sleep….
#god #Pain #Prayer #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #nonepelepticseizures #Love #Suicide #Sleep #Stigma #strength #resiliance #Hope #Faith #Truth