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    Zen garden #Zen #Migraine #Restisnecessary

    My bosses stress me out to the point of stress migraines that medicine couldn’t help, so had to just sleep to hide from the pain. I’ve always wanted a zen garden and now that I have it, I love how much peace it can bring.

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    Preserving Energy

    As the sun gets ready to set here in Atlanta, I am so excited about tomorrow night! I am going to a concert with my little brother. We are going to see Tyler, the creator along with Jaden Smith and Goldlink, some of favorite artists in music. So as I prepare for tomorrow, I am preserving my energy. This will be my first time going to a concert with my brother and the first time going to a big event with massive people in a big arena as an EDSer. As much as I am excited... I'm SUPER nervous too. I called the arena to see if I needed to bring anything extra or how will I get along with my wheelchair. I learned a lot from the friendly customer service agent I spoke to. I learned that when I get to the gate I can ask for wheelchair assistance to and from our seats. I was able to map out our seats and know how to move about in the arena. I have all my essentials in my clear bag and my emergency meds for just in case. I'm ready to have some fun because I deserve it! Keep fighting!! #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Anxiety #zebrastong #keepfighting #Concerts #WheelchairUsers #Restisnecessary #preservingenergy #ideservealifetoo