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Meeting People

If you are single-do you ever meet someone and want to be honest right away and instead of acting like life is good and normal you want to say....I spend every single day trying desperately to want to live. Sometimes I just want to tell someone the truth #Depression #datingwithdepression #sadweekened


#sadweekened #SuicideLoss

It just hit me today. That sudden feeling of incredible sadness. Just feeling the tears streaming down my face.
So many good or okay days. And today it really hit me.

What do I answer from now on to the question ‘Do you have any siblings?’

#sad #tears #SiblingLoss #Loss


Anxiety Medication #Anxiety #Medication #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder

So my therapist thought since I was doing so well, that it was maybe time to start lowering my medication dose, I felt so happy 'cause I was proud of myself, but, it kinda backfired, I started feeling down and anxious and having panic attacks all over again, so I had to tell him and now he's raising the dose again, and I know I shouldn't but, I feel so weak and so disappointed, I mean I know it's not my fault but, I feel there is just something really wrong with me and that I won't get better... Have you felt this way too? #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Medicationstruggle #sadweekened



The school is so stressing for me, I don't sleep too much I don't even do things that I like to do but is not only for school, anxiety and depression is over me.

This weekend I don't do homework or go out to make a walk, I wanna to do it but I don't know why I do nothing, is Sunday night and all this day I do nothing I just was in my bed thinking about life, school, friends and sadness all my plans for the weekend die.

Now I feel bad about it and there's nothing I can do about it and I feel more bad.

I want to get up but I can't, I just have to wait tomorrow for go to school.

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