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    A Friend In Dark

    You come to me at night

    When the world outside was dreaming

    Too buried in yearnings

    Only you could hear me screaming

    Embellished in a black robe

    Perhaps a shadow or a mist

    My long gaze travelled up to your face

    You smiled like a dearest friend

    I crawled out of my bed.

    Slowly lurking towards you.

    Raising my hand as if

    I could finally touch you.

    You burnt my heart as you passed through me

    With an icy coldness

    Like snow falling

    In an utter hotness

    You visit me like an unbidden guest

    Hiding invisible like it was your favourite game

    I asked why can’t they #see you

    You said you’re only my friend

    My mind felt like it was on fire

    I cried cause you were another liar

    Like every cage opened in my head

    Voices so loud, I couldn’t comprehend

    You passed me a sympathetic smile

    My dear, it is a forever trial

    Are you a ghost of my past?

    Am I crazy? I finally asked

    You snickered as you spoke so coldly

    “Not crazy; just so lonely#


    #see pain

    wen sumone with CP and or chronic pain told me her Dr. ain't taking her seriously i told her i wish people could see pain she sed i wish my Dr could hav my body 4 a little i sed yeah maybe it'll teach um sum manners

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    How I try #cope with #Depression

    If you’re feeling #lost lost and #lonely , please know that the feelings won’t last forever. Please #stay and you’ll get to #see that’s it’s #worth it


    Lots of friends. #lost and confused.... on #edge

    I'm here to help but don't look after myself. I #Love #people but #dont want to #see them as I don't know where to #Start #help . #people #Family #judge which puts me on #edge
    #CheckInWithMe #happy to #help