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    Cosplay with M.S

    Due with COVID I haven’t been in conventions in 2 years I’ve cosplayed Spider-Man a few times. Cosplaying also kind of makes me forget about M.S for a while, #cope #Cosplay #multiple sclerosis

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    Cosplay with M.S

    Sometimes pretending to be someone else at a convention kind of cope in a way. I’ve cosplayed Snake and Spider-Man in the past. I put on my Snake costume first time in a few years since COVID I’ve been felt safe yet. #Cosplay #MultipleSclerosis #cope

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    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Addiction #ADHD #Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Scaredofmythoughts #ParanoidPersonalityDisorder

    Ugh I keep reading about #DBT groups and how they help so you can #learnt to live and #cope with your everyday battle of #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder . I've tried to attend group at least 3-4 times. But I eather am to scared to go in, or think everyone is watching me so I just get up and leaving and then avoid when someone calls to check on me. Don't know what it is I'm just #Weird I guess. My #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder alone drives me crazy. Any suggestions on what I can or should do so I can #learnToCope w/ my #illness like I know it's probably 99% #JustInMyHead . I'd do. Anything to have a normal life and have people to hang out with but it's Impossible #Hatemyself

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    Want it just to work right !

    Hello, I'm new. Having a hard day. Again. So there are people who just wake up everyday with a functional, non-depressed, non-fogged, brain ??? No pills either ?

    Huh. 😎😕😛🤤🤓

    #MentalHealth #Depression #Hope #cope #chronic illness #laughter #laughterisgoodmedicine


    Chronic illness, loss and Christmas... #Grief #Loss #Christmas #chronic #illness #m .e

    Hi my fellow warriors, this may be a bit of a wordy post so I apologise in advance...

    I know this year has been hard for everyone, financially, emotionally, physically... we all understand how exhausting day to day life can be without any extra pressures.
    This year has well and truelly battered my life.

    I lost my mum in January, watching her deteriorate but she was so strong right to the end.

    I'm in my early twenties, she was my best friend. My world. My rock. My everything. Christmas last year was the last day I had a proper conversation and a giggle with her before her illness took over and she gained her wings.

    My girlfriend has been amazing through it all. Been there for me even when I've been less the pleasant or manageable. I was so angry, I was numb, but I couldn't grieve. I still haven't.

    My mum spread her wings the first week of January this year. And I am horribly aware that it will soon be a year weve been without her.

    My point in writing this post is because I'm heartbroken. I've never experienced pain like this. My heart is physically heavy. It's missing something I can never replace.

    Fighting this illness that takes so much of the little I have. I guess I just need some advice.... some reassurance... I dont know. But you are all individuals that truelly appreciate the struggles this horrible illness delivers to us on it's own. I just dont know how to manage anymore.

    #lost #Heartbroken #Grief #help #Support #Cant #cope #m .e


    #BipolarDisorder #Loss #Grief #cope

    Hello my name is Hannah and i am 22 years old, i have BPD and recently loss my mother. I, uh, i feel like Im getting worse witch each passing day, the thought of death lingers on me like the shadow of myself.

    I guess i am posting here because i need help understanding what to do, my mother is the only person who truly understood me and stayed by my side even though i drove her mad, and i know i did.

    I miss her with each passing day and its to be expect especially since she had passed recently(November 2nd), My friends say they don't recognize this hannah and that they just want to help hy understanding, but they won't know the loss of a parent until it happens to them.

    I feel alone and i feel helpless, Im just wondering if anyone has ever dealt with something like this and whats the best course of action.

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    #Goodmorning #newday #freshstart #Hope #Love #Cat #Pets

    Hi there Mighty Warriors! A new day-another day-to #cope -to tackle-to #embrace -to try -to #Hope -to make #change , My yesterday was pretty sh#tty 💩 Today's just GOTTA be #AGoodDay ...... at least a bit #better - need a #peaceful day -a #relaxing day. ....#peace of #mind , #body & #spirit ..... Less #Pain & #aggravation .


    How do y'all #cope with the #Lonliness of chronic illnesses and pain?

    I never imagined I would be saying this but I'm so lonely. I'm home 24/7 with my 89 year old mother in law who is belligerent, tells lies and basically inserts herself into every conversation or disagreement. it's not as bad since my husband told her to mind her own business but I don't even feel comfortable in my own home because she's constantly watching me and she will say "so what's wrong today" in a sour derisive tone. And she's like a child. I'm now responsible for making sure she has 60+ pull-ups a month (she wears them constantly) her special grocery requests and then she eats MY food I buy specifically because I have dentures and am limited in what I can eat. I have to handle her docs, rx's, hair appointments, and she refuses to cook unless it's a microwave meal but we banned her from cooking when she nearly burnt the house down. I swear it's like having the worst most stubborn rude tactless and embarrassing child. I NEVER get a break. I can't even use my own washer and dryer half the time. I turned 50 in January WOO HOO and nobody is gonna tell me what how or when to do anything. I haven't seen a doctor since last year and no pain meds but I'm seeing a new #reumatologist tomorrow and crossing my fingers that he will put me back on Benlysta. We've also been struggling for the past four years financially. my husband lost his 6 figure job and the job he took isn't living up to its advertisement. in fact they took away their salary and put them on commission only and since then he brings home $400 a month yes a month and maybe a commission check that's normally less than that if he gets commission at all. they set the monthly quota so high it's not attainable in our rural north Georgia mountain areas. I'm honestly not sure what is gonna happen. It's been building for 4 years and I'm at my breaking point. If I don't get a break just a night out with my sisters, anything I feel like I'm gonna lose it. I'm grateful for my supportive understanding husband and any tips y'all might have to help me stay sane!!!


    Which is your best way to #cope with #IntrusiveThoughts ? #BPD

    Im constantly worried about my partner seeing her ex behind my black and Each time I think about it I tend to back off a bit

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    He helps me cope on the bad days. Anyone else have a furry companion that brings a little light to their lives?

    #cope #m .e #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #warrior #pup #Support #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #MentalHealth #Dayatatime #Bisexual #GenderIdentity #spreadlove