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Oops can't speak right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Today I went to a ginormous international grocery store. It was really cool but also incredibly overwhelming. The sensory overload was probably the worst of my life. Maybe worth it but also oof ow my absolute neurons (I've been scrombled) (to all the boomers and gen x on this app, I'm so sorry) (please forgive this spiky 20yo who speaketh in memes). For the rest of the day I've been finding that I'm struggling to talk normally? Like when I'm speaking with people, I can't get a handle on a normal speaking rhythm, can't grasp conversational flow, just simply do not know how to do the talking thing. (My ability to write, however, is normal.) This in itself is not a distressing experience. And it's not the only time I've felt this, it's just particularly notable this time. The only distressing thing is knowing that I might seem weird to others for the sudden loss of basic verbal communication skills. (Wow I really just love how We Live In A Society.)

Just wanted to share my experience and curious if anyone else relates. Fwiw I'm questioning if I'm neurodivergent. Skepticism from previous MH providers plus OCD make it really really hard for me to figure out what's going on or even bring it up with a professional (like seriously I can't verbalize any of my thoughts about maybe being ND out loud to my new therapist), but sometimes things like these happen and I'm like "wow NT people probably don't experience this do they." I'm definitely obsessing about my brain architecture so if there is anyone who relates, please feel free to share. I think it'd make me feel better.

#SensoryOverload #sensorysensitivity #sensoryprocessing #OCD #neurodivergent (maybe fkgksjd who knows I am made of doubt and am very sorry if using this hashtag is incorrect and offensive to anyone) #SocialAnxiety


Chronic Illness + Mental Illness

Having a chronic pain illness seriously exacerbates mental health issues. Life becomes incredibly difficult when it feels like there is war erupting physically, mentally and emotionally. I've come too far and overcome way too much to give up now. Don't you give up either. There is always a way for things to get better, no matter how slow the process may take. Go at your own pace and respect yourself. ♡

#Fibromyalgia #CFS #ChronicPain #degerativediscdisease #chronicheadache #chronickneepain #Depression #Bipolar #BPD #sensorysensitivity #suicidality #Isolation #Irritability #Hope