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What works for your fibro itch? #Fibromyalgia #itching #Skinonfire

My skin has been itching like crazy for over a week. I’d really like to just peel it off at this point. I’ve been to the rheumatologist and he says it’s not a drug reaction, since I’ve been on my current meds for long enough any side effects should have shown up long ago. He said just do the Eucerin thing and coat my itchy spots (whole body...srsly!!) and try not to scratch. Ha! We’ve switched out all soaps, detergents, etc for natural, no perfumes, no dyes. No change except worse. Now my chest is breaking out in these little blisters and it feels like a sunburn (I’m in Nebraska in January, not likely!) suggestions??? I can’t sleep like this...not that I was sleeping great before, and the regular fibro pain is under the itch/burn so, um, yeah...#Fibromyalgia


I just destroyed the skin on my arms. #Dermatillomania #skinpicking #Skinonfire #Anxiety #Dissassociation #Shame #Guilt #regret #Depression #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Fibromyalgia #Selfharm

My husband is getting a second surgery on his shoulder tomorrow. I have fibromyalgia and a bunch of stupid little ailments along with it and my husband was just diagnosed with #CPTSD so we have a lot going on. I also have a job and two young kids. I can’t seem to sleep and when I feel myself drifting off I snap out of it really quick because my anxiety tells me I need to stay awake because my dreams have been really strange and very vivid leaving me in the actual emotion I’m feeling in the dream. I can even smell and taste stuff it’s weird. So I just snapped out of falling asleep, my hubby went to sleep on the couch because he’s also having a hard time getting comfortable. Well as I snapped myself out of my sleep I went to the bathroom and spent 30mins or more picking the crap out of my arms. I disassociate when I’m doing it. Like it feels good like a stress release but it hurts too but I feel like I’m cleaning my skin up even though I’m making it waaaaay waaaay worse. It looks horrible. I have blotches and scars now. I hate my skin. I’ve struggled with #Dermatillomania for about 24yrs maybe and as life has become harder the picking has gotten worse! I wish I could stop. I hate my skin and my need to pick that one little bump that nobody else can even see. Now I feel so much shame for picking my arms.... my husband will see them in the morning and shake his head at me and said “Ohhh ellie why did you do that babe? That’s no good!” And of course I know it’s not, I don’t want to do it, I just start doing it somehow and then can’t snap myself out of it!! can anyone share any ideas to help me stop in the moment? I’ve tried putting bandaids on my arms as a visual trigger to stop but that only works sometimes