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The masks I wear....

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself. The masks I wear has transformed a beautiful woman into an aged basket case. The masks I wear puts a smile in public even though my pain feels like it is tearing my thoughts from my mind. Each masks covers pain, stress and confusion. The woman I once was is now a figure I don’t recognize. Face swollen, eyes dark, teeth breaking I stare into the mirror wondering how did I get here? Who took my life? Who am I really? When will I find myself; and accept that this is who I am? I don’t think I’ll ever accept my state of being; but my masks make living in the moment a bit easier. My masks cover all my insecurities; but sometimes I think my masks hurt me even more than I think. I get into my head when silence falls. Night time is when I take off the masks and I look at myself again. I see this woman; she’s broken but holding on to one thing... her sanity.
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