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Living without regret #Depression #Anxiety #Hope #regret #PTSD #MentalHealth

Years ago I resolved that as much as possible I would live a life without regret. I believe we will regret more of what we don’t do than what we do.

Fear can rob us of so many opportunities and blessings. Many years ago I developed a life motto for myself.

Be all, see all, taste all while giving all.

Yesterday I visited a new beach where there was a huge rock. Against my fear I climbed to the top. It was so cool.

What could do that you are holding back on?

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Reasons to Avoid Being 'Too Good to Be True'

1. People will take you for granted:

People expect you to be there for them, but they don't want you as a wellwisher, sometimes some people use you beyond the limits.

2. You'll miss out on excellent opportunities:

If you're being available for someone by saying "Yes" if you could've said "No" there are chances that you could've spent time on yourself. Chances are you might've accomplished a milestone instead of over-helping someone whose intention is to simply ruin your energy or anything.

3. You'll have a sense of burned-out:

Anyone who uses you may give you tasks that you take a lot of effort to do usually. And, people won't entirely value your efforts. So this eventually kills your comfort line and slowly gives you a sense of burnout.

4. People will diminish the respect they have for you:

Anything available in an extensive amount is taken for granted and less valued. For example, if you go to Gulf countries they take oil for granted for the level of feasibility. But they consider water as a precious gem, while the vice versa happens with the other countries, likewise with people. So, being more available will diminish the respect people have for you.

When you're living this life you'll always crave better attention, respect, care, and love from everyone. But, in reality, just think if all the people that you've helped will visit your grave when you die. If the answer is a " yes" then help them, but have limits. You alone matter more than other people's opinions and care.

#Depression #Trauma #PeoplePleaser #regret #Sadness #selfcare #MentalHealth #SuicideAttemptSurvivors #Suicide #hurt

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Having a bit of an emotional breakdown

Could you share some cute pet photos, memes, quotes or anything that might help a little ? Thanks so much if anyone can, or to keep me in their thoughts.

#DistractMe #Crying #FeelingAlone #Nofriends #stressfulfamily #Trying #hardtimes #regret #breakup #Depression #Anxiety #Trauma

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Regret & Grief

It's been a month since my husband of 23 years very suddenly passed away. We had been separated since May of last year bcuz of addiction & the loss of hope. It took years for me to leave. I had to save us from each other, if that makes sense. We have always loved each other & that never changed even after we separated. Recently we had come to the place where we could finally talk to each other again. Like friends, like 2 ppl who can't stop loving each other. I asked for his forgiveness & he gave it freely. The next evening I got the dreaded phone call. The only man I had ever loved was gone. I was out of state in a treatment program for over 90 days. The last time I saw him was when he came to say bye to me when I decided to leave for rehab back in late October. Now I'm back in our home like I had been wishing for but now I have to live knowing he's never coming home to me. It gets harder every single day that I wake up & realize all over again that this is real. I buried my husband. I am not ok & it's so hard to answer ppl when they ask how I am or if I'm ok. I don't even know what to say bcuz I'm so numb so I just say I'm ok. It's a lie. I'm not ok. I'm going crazy inside. I wanna scream & cry. I want to rage. All I do is think about him & how I didn't get to see him since that day in October. He was so proud of me & I'm still sober today but this pain is debilitating & I can hardly cope. I need prayers. #Love #Grief #Loss #regret #Guilt #Addiction #Sobriety

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Intrusive thoughts which infect the mind

I have a intrusive thoughts which infect my mind and make it difficult to concentrate. They start the minute I wake up and do not cease until I go back to sleep. I have many hobbies and try to keep my mind occupied but the evil thoughts replay over and over.

When I was physically assaulted over ten years ago I never thought that I would continue to experience flashbacks and trauma from the incident. I have been in fights before and thought it would become another distant memory of something unfortunate. My experience has been completely different and I am stuck in a never ending loop of sorrow and pity.

The attack causes me major mental health issues that I can't move on from. I am stuck in a negative cycle of pain and suffering. The image of the attack repeats in my mind. I see the faceless images of multiple attackers and the fear of reliving the incident is ever present. I am afraid of what's in store for me as I battle to focus on what's important.

It is difficult to describe the incident as it involves anger, betrayal and resentment. The only thing I know for sure is that it leaves me empty and insecure. These people purposefully sought to hurt me and they were successful.

I hate to say it but my mental health has deteriorated to the point where I am miserable. I hate my life and I am aware of the holes I keep digging are damaging me further. I blame my mother and father for a lot of my problems whether it is their fault or not. They did their best but had unrealistic expectations and when I was unable to achieve the impossible goals they had set for me I spiralled in to a deep depression.

This depression has followed me for years and the more I let it control my life - the more pain it causes me. I have never dealt with any of the negative emotions that fill my mind. I bottled everything up and pretended I was fine. I am at the point where I don't see anything improving and I want to hurt the few people I have left.

I really wish I could end on something positive but my life has become a merry go round of pain, sorrow and regret. I hate myself in more ways than one and I need help but the road to recovery is fraught with feelings of guilt and resentment.

EDIT: I am fully aware that my posts are very much a pity party. I am hurting inside and just desperately want to feel better.

#Depression #Misery #Sadness #hurt #Pain #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #feelings #unhappy #Relationships #Friendship #Love #Trauma #PTSD #challenges #Life #Death #advertisy #friend #peace #Emotion #flasback #Lettinggo #scar #regret #compassion #Thoughts #Mindfulness #Anxiety #reserved #Respect #peace

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#runningawayfromlove #friendshipbreakup #sad #regret

Why do I always run away from love? I run away from it because I fear it, I fear rejection, I fear not being good enough, I fear being vulnerable, I fear getting hurt. In my head, I know that love is not always rainbows and butterflies, but I still have this habit of running away from it rather than experiencing it. I was in a sexual relationship with a guy I used to talk to for five years. We weren't exclusively dating or anything like that. We were having casual fun together. I stood up for myself and told him this sexual relationship that we had going on had to stop, he understood, and we agreed to be friends. We became close friends, and there were times I pushed him away. Now that we're not friends anymore, I regret breaking things off with him because I know there is still love there. He was someone who truly and genuinely loved and cared for me and wanted to be with me, but then that fear popped up in my head. It's probably too late for me to get him back. Ugh, this sucks so bad.

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Help me naming an emotion

I need your help to name an emotion.

Shame is defined when we feel something is shameful about us.

Regret is defined when we feel regretful of doing something in the past.

What is the emotion when we feel shame about FOR EXAMPLE having chronic illness? By that, I do not mean that, er feel something is bad about us; but we feel such a shame I have this in my life whereas others don't have.

What is name of this emotion?

#Emotion #chronic #Shame #regret #emotional #Feeling


#time #regret #we are worthy of love

Negative thinking in Addiction is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO NOT FALL INTO. I have asked myself and colleagues who are in Recovery, ( ALL STAGES) have did any of you wake one day and SAY , TODAY IS THE DAY I BECOME AN ADDICT? Was it the role that your family inadvertently had a part in the decision to make sure that YOU WERE THE SCAPEGOAT FOR THE MISERY IN THE FAMILY? But really it was US who were the STRONGEST PEOPLE IN THE FAMILY, mentally.

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