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Haven't slept. Meds aren't working. Have tried everything. In so much pain. Please send help. 😭😭😭 #Fibromyalgia #sleepless #Anxiety


Night time anxiety

Hello, I'm new to the mighty. I have most of my anxiety at night time. Maybe it's the thought of my day being over, and the thought of what might tomorrow bring. It's stress I have going on in life. Overthinking. Shoulda coulda wouldas. Then I become sleepless for hours, and end up falling asleep around 2 am, only to have a hard time waking up for work on time, and am exhausted. And repeat the next day. And the next. #Anxiety #Nighttime #Insomnia #sleepless #MindDoesntStop


How do I run from my own mind?

"Be positive." "Stop the negative self-talk." If only it is that easy to silence the deafening thoughts in the mind.
The mind screams in the dead of the night, making sleep a distant wish. Haha.
Maybe banging the head will work. Pain is always the most felt and overrides most sensations. Like this cycle of pain. My med is not working. #Depression #sleepless

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Manic or something else.

Recently I have started having times when I am up 24 hrs a day for 4-5 days at a time. I don't want to do any of the things normally associated with a manic episode. I just don't sleep and I also don't eat. I'm wondering if I'm the only one that experiences this. I have lots of energy but can't focus it on anything.
#BipolarDisorder #sleepless


YET AGAIN……. Another #sleepless night! #Insomnia

I know #Insomnia & other #SleepDisorders are no party, but no one ever tells you how dark and lonely these long nights can be! Its so quiet. And particularly if you have #Anxiety or other #r #MentalHealth issues, silence can be our worst enemy. Love to all who have to battle hard all night, just to try and sleep. Xx


Why I'm afraid to show up #Anxiety

I'm afraid to show up for things that really matters, dark is my desire and bright is my enemy, i love to mingle but I can't show up, i love to hangout but I can't show up, i love to date but I can't show up, i hate to tell but im afraid of everything, I can't do things that, i really want to do, something inside crying and shouting, but I can't escape this, i closed all my doors on my own faith, I'm loosing it all and I'm closing my eyes...



Tonight's been wierd. I went to bed at 930 like usual with my husband. I had shaved my legs an hour earlier, which are now suddenly so ITCHY!!! I put on some cortisone cream. Ok I'm good, for about 5 minutes. It's back. I haven't changed anything that I do, this is not a skin issue or allergic reaction. It just happens like this sometimes. I finally get up and go to the couch because I'm keeping him awake. The itching stops. About 1am I finally start to get sleepy and think about going back to bed. The itching is back! So I decide to stay on the couch. It goes away again. Any ideas???? #sleepless #Insomnia #MajorDepressiveDisorder

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Wake up! Not just can't sleep 😒😱😭😪

Dealing day to day be used of sleep dreived or not sleeping very well. Maps become ypur best friend . though you wish you could do not tjings then just sleep like walk to the creek or go for a outing with ypur niebor but your just too tired too do anything. Theres a loud voice in your head that tells you in a loud almost yelling kind of voice to wake up!!!
Trying so many things to stay alseep. To sleeping black screen music from YouTube to staying closer to a good sleeping scedual on the days you don't work. Sleep is a very important thing. Studies have shown if you don't get a lot of enough sleep and start drinking too much coffee ypur body will become slow and ypur mind can't think at full speed unless you have a lot of caffeine.
What are some ways you have tried to stay away from waking up a bunch of times in the middle of the night ?
Me: I stop drinking a lot of caffeine. Take my sleeping meds a little bit early.i have even bought sleepy tea. And take Melton when I need too but not every day

#sleepless #insomia #ChronicDepression


Sleepless in my bed…

Sleep…I’d give anything to have a deep meaningful, restful sleep.

The kind of sleep that takes you on a journey so incredible that when you awake you feel reborn!
Every bone in your body feels..brand new, your skin…glows, your senses so incredibly alive, you feel the rays of the sun dance against your goosebumps as you stretch your limps into a perfect bow….
The kind of sleep that takes away every single ache and pain from your tired muscles, despite the fact that you haven’t lifted a finger in so long other than to rub gently against your throbbing aching body…
The kind of sleep that makes you forget about everything and wonder 💭 “What day is it and where am I?”….
Sleep so deep, so good, so restful, you are ready to take on the world 🌎
I’d give anything for that kind of sleep…I crave that sleep, I need that sleep, I want that sleep, I dream of that sleep…..

Crazy to think it but if only I could sleep that deep, I feel that half my pain and problems will just sail away…..

#sleepless #Insomnia #restless #ChronicFatigue #sleepdeprivasion #nosleep #Fibromyalgia #tired #Depression #Letmesleep #slumber