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Total insomnia last night #insomia

I took my mood stabilizer as directed last night. I couldn’t sleep at all
Last night. I hope it’s not the pill.

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Insomnia/#Buspar withdrawals

I haven’t slept in 2 days. It’s around the time of the month I usually have 1 insomnia night. But I think I pinned point what is causing it. I stopped taking buspar cold turkey cause I thought it wasn’t working. Well the side effects are #Anxiety and #insomia . So later on when it’s open I will refill my buspar. It’s 3:17 am I’m going to try and get some sleep 💤


Insomnia,Anxious Thoughts and Sleep

Well I finally found myself sleep 🛌 last night and woke up, my mind finally was calm and let me sleep until this morning, let’s hope tonight and the rest of this week I continue getting the rest I needed. #insomia #Anxiety #anxious #Sleep #Depression #AnxietyAttack


Insomnia and Anxious Thoughts

Insomnia and Anxious Thoughts sucks I’m losing sleep all because my mind won’t shut off 😭😢🥺from since Sunday night and now Monday night ugh 😣 😩 I wish everything and everybody can go away, and I could find someplace to hide 🫣 🙈 we’re no one knows we’re I am. #insomia #anxious #Anxiety #AnxietyAttack


Im always sad at night when everyone else gets to sleep but not me

Im up to battle my pains alone…I can take a few pain killers and others… but that would take away my days and leave me asleep for a few days too. I don’t want to sleep my life away…don’t like to not be able to function and feel sleepy all the time too. To all my fellow night warriors-let us not grow weary and cheer each other on because no one else knows of these battles we deal with but us! Fighting!! I hope some of you warriors are able to sleep tonight at least… #warriors #FamilialHemiplegicMigraine #IBSD #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Neuropathy #BackPain #insomia #AtrialFibrillationAndStroke #ChronicMigraines #chronic


😢Sometimes I can't go out not because I don't want to, but because I can't bear to walk into a room full of people or into a public place. Sometimes I'm fighting back tears or I feel so nauseated from anxiety and struggle to breathe. I over think things and I feel everyone hates me. I do take things personally alot. I get grumpy because I need a break but I need a break from my mind itself which isnt possible. I fight to get out of bed nearly every morning and sometimes cry myself to sleep, if I sleep at all. My mind is traumatised and my memory is foggy and absolutely full of triggers.
Some people are quick to label you a shitty friend with no clue how broken you are, or act like you aren't doing anything but really you're trying to heal and instead of understanding they just call the friendship quits.

There are many people that are invited out but they tell them how terribly sorry they are but their already booked up that weekend, when they are actually just really busy holding it together in their safe box. And so the first problem starts all by itself. People stop asking them and the isolation that at first wasn't true becomes their only truth.

Please don't give up on your friends. Ring them, go round even when they don't want you to. Because they really do, they just don't know how to say it. #Depression #BipolarDisorder #insomia


Can't sleep

Well I'm trying to sleep but I just can't fall asleep and it's not that I'm not tired I'm exhausted but I can't sleep. #insomia

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#insomia #tired #Anxiety

Hey guys. I’m struggling a lot. I can’t get a good nights sleep to save my life. And it’s making my anxiety so much worse. Is there anything I can do to sleep all night? I’ve been up for hours now and don’t know what to do. Thanks for the advise!

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Wake up! Not just can't sleep 😒😱😭😪

Dealing day to day be used of sleep dreived or not sleeping very well. Maps become ypur best friend . though you wish you could do not tjings then just sleep like walk to the creek or go for a outing with ypur niebor but your just too tired too do anything. Theres a loud voice in your head that tells you in a loud almost yelling kind of voice to wake up!!!
Trying so many things to stay alseep. To sleeping black screen music from YouTube to staying closer to a good sleeping scedual on the days you don't work. Sleep is a very important thing. Studies have shown if you don't get a lot of enough sleep and start drinking too much coffee ypur body will become slow and ypur mind can't think at full speed unless you have a lot of caffeine.
What are some ways you have tried to stay away from waking up a bunch of times in the middle of the night ?
Me: I stop drinking a lot of caffeine. Take my sleeping meds a little bit early.i have even bought sleepy tea. And take Melton when I need too but not every day

#sleepless #insomia #ChronicDepression



And I'm awake again
Alone again
Afraid again
Can't seem to find
My peace again
My sleep again
My dream again
Lost inside
My world again
My head again
My bed again
Longing for
My rest again
My past again
My now again
Hoping for
My best again
Needing quiet mind again
Yawning just so
slight again
Falling back asleep again
Sleeping through the night….

#Bipolar #Anxiety #COVID19 #BipolarDisorder #insomia #Hope #tired #Awake

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