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Trying not to get my hopes up!

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks, mostly with my seizures. I’ve been fighting stomach issues forever, but it has been so much worse in the last year. I have an #EEG next week and a #Colonoscopy the following week. I need some answers…that’s something I struggle with the most. I am tired of doing endless medical testing to find nothing to explain anything. I’ve had enough, so any positive thoughts and/or prayers you can throw my way would be greatly appreciated! #Epilepsy #Needanswers #SoDone #mysteries

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I know it's not the best option, but I'm drinking my problems and anxiety away tonight. I just want to feel like I can breathe easy again. My anxiety is kicking my butt this week and I just want a break.
#Anxiety #SoDone


CPTSD and relationships

How do you have severe PTSD and a good marriage? My trust issues are so bad because of lifelong issues of abandonment and being cheated on. My husband (who has issues of his own but quit counseling when things got tough, meanwhile I’m 2 years in an been doing EMDR for a year) doesn’t understand my trust issues. He gets upset when I need to know everything to be reassured. He leaves stuff out and gets mad when I react with more questions because of something he didn’t tell me. It makes it so hard to have a good marrriage when it’s hard for me to trust because of my past and he doesn’t understand why it matters when he forgets a part of a story and then later tells me. Will this ever go away???? I just want a normal life where I don’t have to question every. And I’m so tired. I’m tired of being fucked up in my head and having to act like everything is normal on the outside.
#PTSD #Marriage #wantanormalbrain #SoDone #brainconstantlyon

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Such great choices

So its choose between being a total zombie, can't work or be around people, but be able to go to the bathroom; or rollercoaster emotionally, still cant work or go to the bathroom
what f-ing great choices! I'm so done #toomanyhealthproblems #SoDone