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Let's make some picks! Who do you think is headed to the Super Bowl LVI?

There may not be a ton of Mighty members who are also NFL fans, but that's their loss, not ours! If the last two weekends worth of games taught us anything, it's that quality always beats quantity.

So, let's have a quality discussion here! Tell me who you're picking in this weekend's huge conference championship games and why.

🐏 RAMS vs. 49ERS ⛏

I live in Los Angeles, home of the Rams and this year's Super Bowl, but I'm pretty sure there are more 49ers fans in this town. It's pretty weird. And it may be really embarrassing when the road team gets more cheers on Sunday. But I can't imagine the Niners will do any more embarrassing than that. The Rams are just too talented.

My pick: Rams win big. 31-7.


When my team goes out (and the Cardinals went out in the most ugly fashion imaginable), I always start to root for any team that hasn't won a Super Bowl before. Their fans deserve it! So my heart goes for the Bengals, but as much as I want it to happen—and as much fun as it's going to be watching the Burrow-Chase duo set records for years ahead—I can't publicly post something on the internet where I bet against Patrick Mahomes. That's not gonna age well.

My pick: Chiefs take it. 24-14.

Who are you taking?

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Super Bowl Parties

This is such a weird, uncomfortable day for me every year. There is this societal expectation that I'm supposed to be getting together with a big group of friends and watch a very exciting football game, drink, and eat fatty food, and these are not things I like to do. It's weird for our family too, because we don't actually have any friends nearby who we know well enough to invite or to be invited by.
But this year my husband's leading cub scouts, and his co-leader's family invited us. So now I'm in a situation where I'm spending most of the day with people who I like, but don't know well, with the expectation of being friendly and getting to know each other better. As always, I'd rather be at home taking a nap. I know I need friends who care, but friendships always seem like too much work. I just want to be that sick girl who has to stay home. #SuperBowl #IntrovertBlues #Introvert #Nofriends #Agoraphobia #Draining #AlzheimersDisease