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How to cope with a turbulent home life?

Any tips or your own experience/ struggles turbulent or non functional families where everyone fights miscommunication grudges insults etc resentment. Sometimes it gets better but typically it’s only good and then it gets worse. #dysfunctional #Family #Toxic #belittle #Abuse #Fights #Energy #Draining #lovethembutitshard

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×"A Follow-Up On My Last Post " × #Draining #Burnout

× " I Don't Know Why People Assume That I Don't Respect People They Are Being Mean And Disrespectful To Me... The One With Knowledge... This Restaurant Could Use Some Change Today.. The Health Inspector Was Supposed To STOP By... And This Restaurant Is Alway's Disorganized And Messy. I Clean Spotlessly And Customer's Are Slob's.. Food All Over The Floor's The Table's Trash... And My Co-worker's Same Thing Like Pick Up After Yourselve's. It's Not That Hard. I'm Not Anyone's Maid.. And It's Alway's Me Cleaning Up After Everyone... And Don't Start Leaving Me Comment's Like This Is All My Fault... I'm Not Even Going To Offer These People Idea's And Knowledge.. It's A Waste Of My Time.. I Feel Underutilized On Everything That I Have Learned. And Now I'm Supposed To Just Sit Back And Let Them Treat Me Like A Little Girl That Need's To Be Taught Everything. NO! They Just Need To STOP Barking Order's At Me And Just Let Me Do What I'm Supposed To Do.. I Don't Need To Be Told Every 5Second's To Go Clean/Cash-Out... It's Like I'm A Threat To Changing Thier Way Of Doing Thing's. And That's Not Why I'm There. I'm Just There To Pay My Bill's. I'm Not There To Make Friendship's The Customer's Are Super Mean And Rude AF.. I Have A Team Of Co-worker's All They Do Is Talk All Day Long... And Not Being Productive.. Half Of The Time.. I Go In And Don't Talk To Anyone. Only My Boss To Ask What She Want's Done.. I Don't Like Working For People Who Have No Confidence In My Abilitie's And Strong Work Ethic... And Yet I'm Not Good Enough.. I Also Love How People Blame Me For Thing's That Are Other People's Mistake's All The Time.. It's NOT Fair To Me. And Yet Some People Want Respect It Need'sTo Be Rightfully Earned Not Given For Free.. " × #VentingFrustration ☆▪︎▪︎☆▪︎▪︎☆ SKADI ☆▪︎▪︎☆☆▪︎▪︎☆

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Super Bowl Parties

This is such a weird, uncomfortable day for me every year. There is this societal expectation that I'm supposed to be getting together with a big group of friends and watch a very exciting football game, drink, and eat fatty food, and these are not things I like to do. It's weird for our family too, because we don't actually have any friends nearby who we know well enough to invite or to be invited by.
But this year my husband's leading cub scouts, and his co-leader's family invited us. So now I'm in a situation where I'm spending most of the day with people who I like, but don't know well, with the expectation of being friendly and getting to know each other better. As always, I'd rather be at home taking a nap. I know I need friends who care, but friendships always seem like too much work. I just want to be that sick girl who has to stay home. #SuperBowl #IntrovertBlues #Introvert #Nofriends #Agoraphobia #Draining #AlzheimersDisease