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    My poem “I Am Imperfectly Perfect Me”

    I may not have all the answers
    To life's great mysteries
    I am far from perfect
    I am imperfectly perfect me
    I have my flaws, my quirks,
    My crazy side....
    I dare to be different
    So come along for the ride
    Join me on this journey
    We will build each other up
    I will support you and surround you
    With my LIGHT and LOVE
    Know that you are BEAUTIFUL
    You are God's great treasure
    And so very precious to me
    Namasté my friend 🙏🏻
    Blessed Be 🙏🏻

    10-December-2017 #MightyPoets #poets
    #originalpoem #Acceptance #Inspiring #positivemotivation #lifteachotherup #IAmImperfectlyPerfect 🙂
    #WarriorStrong 💚💜💪🏻


    Adversity. A new poem. #MightyPoets #poets


    Hardships abound
    A distressful situation
    The burden is laid before them
    What is usual for some is a tribulation for others

    Difficulties arise doing day to day activities
    Setbacks are a normal part of the weeks agenda
    Catastrophes make their mark on the calendar year

    Trouble looms ominously over the horizon
    Disasters easily escort downpours of problems
    Calamities collect traumas that trickle in incessantly

    Misfortune accumulates
    An affliction multiplies
    The bad luck comes unbidden
    What has become of the trials of life for far too many


    One sentence about you...

    Today on Instagram a poet I follow asked people to write a single sentence describing themselves in the comments. I am blatantly stealing the idea for The Mighty. I think it's a great way to express ourselves and get to know each other.

    I'll go first but I hope others will join me. 😊 #poets #everyoneiscreative #Survivors #expressyourself

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    Dichotomy of the Sea

    Just as waves return to depths,
    Heightless, yet infinite

    When I go, It will be with the sea

    Maybe someone, somewhere,
    will behold the crest, silenced by the crash.
    Maybe someone will chase each break,
    praying for the perfect wave.
    Maybe the water roars regardless.

    For nothing stops the sea



    Libre / Free

    Even though French is not my first language, I like the French version better, but I also took the time to translate it (by meaning/intent, not literal) into English at the bottom.

    J'aime la version française meilleur, mais j'ai le traduit en Anglais en bas de ce post.

    Aussi, les gens qui parle Français, corrigez ma grammaire s'il vous plait. Français n'est pas mon langue maternelle; je sais qu'il y a les erreurs.

    Si je pourrai, je serai libre.

    Ma tête et mon cœur sont en guerre

    Et n'est pas comme dans les livres;

    Mon coeur n'a pas beaucoup d'espère. 

    Mon coeur ne lui donne pas le sang

    Donc ma tête ne lui donne pas les ordres.

    Il danse de peur et n'est pas obéissant.

    Elle s'évanouit parce que le désordre. 

    Ce n'est pas ni la vie ni la mort.

    Je suis dans le purgatoire.

    J'attends pour le résultat en peur

    Et déteste mon systèmes nerveux et circulatoire.

    If I could be, I would be free.
    My head and my heart are at war,
    And not as it's been told before:
    "Love versus Logicality".

    My heart does not feed my head
    So my head becomes absentee;
    My heart beats in anxiety
    And my head pretends that I'm dead.

    I am neither living nor dead,
    But waiting in Purgatory.
    I detest their endless fury
    And await the result in dread.

    #OrthostaticHypotension #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #oh #POTS #Potsie #Dysautonomia #AutonomicDysfunction #cardiovascular #Syncope #RaynaudsPhenomenon #Fainting #Poetry #Poem #poems #poets

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    Being Thankful

    Thanksgiving will be different this year for many as we are unable to gather to celebrate in large numbers. But we still have much to be thankful for. So I thought I'd share this Thanksgiving poem I wrote 7 or 8 years ago. I hope your day is filled with peace and joy, and that if you're struggling with depression or chronic pain on top of everything else you will find rest in this day.

    #thanksgiving #thankful #family #pandemicblues #poets #Poetry #Food #gathering #peace #Depression #ChronicPain




    Is a sound
    Not " quite" deafening"
    Wholesome reality
    Unto itself

    Consider the wind,
    That sweet
    Ebb and flow of atmosphere
    As lazy zephyr
    Swims amongst
    The leaves and branches
    Of all
    Grown green

    Consider the rain,
    Liquid staccato.
    Sullen drops
    One by one
    To rhythms
    Beyond measure

    Consider the birds
    And cicadas and
    Creatures of all
    As they perform
    The symphony of life
    Written by the Master
    Having debuted first
    In the
    Garden of Gardens

    And consider the children
    Cries of home runs
    Bruised knees
    And first kisses
    Playing in that distant place
    To which
    No one can return

    The eternal echoes
    Of life itself

    Is a sound
    Rich in both
    Rhythm and texture
    And, yet sublimely performed

    Soothing to
    Body and Soul

    An essential element
    As vital to life as
    Or laughter
    Or love

    It is communion
    All that Is!

    Is a sound!

    Should only
    You wish
    To tap in!

    ~Jolee K Rinick
    #poets #Depression #Meditation


    There's ̶b̶e̶a̶u̶t̶y̶  strength in the  ̶p̶a̶i̶n̶  survival

    When I was a kid
    My chest would fill
    With intense pain
    Every time I ran.

    When I was fourteen
    I got dizzy
    And saw colours
    Every prolonged stand

    When I was fifteen
    My fingers bent
    Past normal and
    I loved this misdeed.

    Now I am sixteen
    My chest fills
    With intense pain
    Regardless of speed.


    I get dizzy
    And see colours
    Every time I stand.

    (Orthostatic Hypotension.)

    My body aches
    And bends to lengths
    Most can't understand.


    I never knew
    I could survive such pain,
    Going day after day
    Feeling mostly the same.
    And for this,
    They give me pity
    Because they see not
    Where I see beauty.
    They see broken hearts
    And shattered dreams,
    Not the ashes
    Where fire starts
    And where hope gleams.
    Not for me,
    But for humanity.
    This slight synecdoche
    Displays the cores of
    Human sanity:
    Our resilience
    Ceaseless pliantness
    And strong ambition.
    We stop at nothing
    To stay alive
    We keep going,
    Continue to strive.

    #Poetry #survival #Costochondritis #OrthostaticHypotension #Undiagnosed #Hypermobility #Dysautonomia #Pain #Pity #sickofpity #Beauty #BeautyInPain #beautyinsurvival #shattereddreams #Hope #humanity #resilience #Determination #pliantness #adaptability #ambition #strive #Disability #strength #MightyPoets #strengthinpain #strengthinsurvival #Teen #Poem #poets #Writing



    just an imagination of dreams.
    i could love a creature
    capturing the capture
    i would fight with sticks and
    sail over seas again
    i would have to win against disease again
    i protect her better than you or me
    i prepare him better than you did me

    if there just wouldn't be that anxiety
    afraid to be like you
    afraid to make her like me

    ~ L. A. Canis

    #poets #poet #Poetry #Love #Pregnancy #mother #Child #poems