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#systemic abuse seems to be increasing in schools. Teachers no longer are respected, behaviors have increased in students, but also in staff! Diversity? It should be making things better? Well, just because it exists or is known, does not mean it’s actually a practice or put in to play! IQ tests, need to be rethought. The measurements are from the 30’s where are norms are not anymore! Normal is diverse!! So we test with the same old tests and get the same old results, keep up the same insanity in schools!! The foundation is still industrial looking, though we are now a global and different looking society, with a more internet based, flexible, and non traditional work base! We need to come up with better solutions! People with disabilities let systems run them out of jobs, tell them that they need to adapt to keep jobs, and if you just take one more pill you’ll make it through this tough job situation with one more abusive, controlling, micromanaging, and biased status quo boss!!
I’m am definitely not responsible for other peoples behaviors, comments, unprofessional conduct, nor manipulative tactics because I push the curve up and know my job!! I might miss one thing here or there, but it’s caused by ignorance and purposeful, deliberate abusive people who are cruel!! Fact is that, I no more have the right to have things happen on the job than any other person!! So why is it occurring?? I used to stay at jobs for years! Since entering back into the workforce in 2018, schools and administrators, lack of teachers, untrained subs, inexperienced subs, are all contributing to a more chaotic and dangerous environment! There’s less money, less training, no retirement, and most of all no respect!!! I used to love my job, the kids, the purposeful meetings!! Wow, what a 360 degree turn!! I would encourage any person or family member to take a good luck at the workings of your schools and district! See how it’s temperature is. In other words, check out the runnings day to day. Ask questions, staff, students, climate, culture?? Match it up with transparency data, and administrators comments. See if it’s really true? See what the salaries are and if turn overs are high. A key to big issues is staff turnover rates! I am currently in the midst of two subs, sister brother, who literally cause me trouble with students! They talk in front of kids, tear me down then come to my class and cut up because they are allowed to do what they want and not have to work! The male brother, bribed with items?! I turned him in to the administration but I doubt they will flinch! I then heard: “You throwing Mr. X under the Bus!” Right, he’s causing his own hit-run!!

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#Faith #Lupus #Hope #MightyPoets #MightyTogether #systemic #Lupus #Depression

Sometimes life happens to us in ways we don’t expect, in ways that we don’t know we’ll need to prepare for.

We walk along the path well trodden and think that we'll always be on that exact same route.

One day we find ourselves in the hard place, where the dark shadows try to swallow up the wasteland spaces.

It's unfamiliar and at times cold and lonely. We don't recognise our surroundings or ourselves.

The thing to remember is that looks can be deceiving. We see the dust, the cracks and the dry. But if you look deeper you will find there is more.

Life is tucked away just under the surface of that seemingly barren place. Hope springs up and life bursts forth. There are new seasons awaiting.

Recognise the dark and the lengthening shadows but stretch and see the light breaking through those cracks in the dry ground. It is there. Look and you will find.

The Life, The Hope and The Spirit inside are alive and calling to the deep places, “Arise. Awaken. Keep going. I am with you always”.

The darkness doesn't immediately vanish but there are more glimpses of light.

The shadows don't cease to lengthen but you feel less exposed.

The cracked, dry ground doesn't instantly become less barren but you can see the potential for growth.

Wherever you are in your journey, may you find the load just a little lighter and the road a little less lonely today.