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    Tdap #Vaccine side effects?

    Looking for others experiences here: I was recently told I have a weird autoimmune disease that causes my body to not hold on to my old vaccines and am now having to repeat childhood vaccines. Yesterday afternoon I got a Tdap shot (it’s a combo for tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis/whooping cough) by the time I went to bed my whole lower body waist down was ridiculous sore, like muscle soreness but worse than anything than any workout could do ( and I can’t workout because of all my other illnesses) so much even the blankets hurt and it hurts even to sit on the toilet, I can barely walk, but arm is fine! Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else? #AutoimmuneDisease #Rare disease #NeurologicalDisorder #Tachycardia #GastrointestinalDisorder #bonedisease #maybemito #stillfiguringthingsout #vaccinesideeffects

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    My Story

    This is my story 📖📰
    Thinking about my journey as I celebrate 7 years of blogging and my memoirs being released in my first book next month.

    Chronic Illness is a part of our life not all of our lives. We can still find purpose and meaning in our lives.

    So grateful to The Mighty for their support publishing 70 articles and promoting my online support forum and blog over the past 7 years.

    It's because of this support I felt encouraged to write my first book.

    Below is the link to my first ever blog post in 2015, which has been updated over the years. It's a short summary of my story.

    Thanks to all The Mighty author's for sharing your stories too. They inspire and encourage every time xx
    #Writing #TheMighty #mystory #Lifestory #RareDisease #bonedisease #Blogging #Musing