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341 Days

341 Days...

There are 341 days between these two pictures. 341 Days. 6 aggressive rounds of Chemo. 4.4 million stem cells. 28 days on a transplant unit. One stem cell transplant....

341 days ago I took the photo on the left. The day we heard the words “You have cancer”. Today I took the picture on the right. The day we heard the words “you are in remission”.

Remission. She is in a Remission. She looked at Stage 4 Angioimmunoblastic TCell Lymphoma and said, not today, not me.

Her new birthday is 11/13. Yesterday her pet scan was clear. Her blood work was beautiful.

Cancer sucks. No.... cancer REALLY SUCKS. The treatments are HARD. The days are long. The pain is real. But everyone in here is a FIGHTER. So much inspiration among the warriors fighting this, and their family and friends fighting alongside them.

Today I am wishing everyone hope. Caregivers, this is a HARD ROAD. Patients fighting, your strength and courage is admirable. #Cancer #lymphoma #AngioimmunoblasticTCellLymphoma #NonHodgkinsLymphoma #IfYouFeelHopeless #Survivor #Caregiving