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#Crisis not suicide# phone number#Group #Caregiver #Burnout #Veteran #PTSD #tbi#Caregiver #Bipolar A NON SUICIDE HOTLINE #Text ?

I may possibly need to talk to someone , understanding.listen to me. But no privacy. I am afraid if I start that I won't be able to put myself back togetee
Don't give me suggestions how example do his meds different. Vent .Sob .I am so tired. He is able to do , help but lazy.


Feeling Confrontational When You Feel Attacked

So my mom and almost everyone I know is better at #communicating than I am, but I’ll try my best to with this. Whenever I feel that someone has #attacked me for something I said or did, I get very #confrontational towards them and become very #childlike in what I say and do. Even though I’m in my late 20s I still have the urge to lash out at people if I feel that they have verbally attacked me for no reason at all. And much of the time, they haven’t, I just have read the situation wrong. I find it happening over #SocialMedia or over #Text or in person. I just seem to read people wrong or read situations wrong or to say the wrong thing or my #peopleskills are bad.

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My way of dealing with anxiety when #online

I get so #anxious when talking to people #online, #SocialMedia & over #Text that I invented my own language, I call "gr". I made everyone interact with memorize (somewhat) it. Now I can talk to people without being #superanxious ! :D


Texting #Anxiety #textinganxiety #Text

when someone doesn't text me back it hurts so bad, I feel that they hate me that I bother them that I am annoying . I imagine them reading it and saying oh no she again .... It breaks me and the anxiety makes me text them again and again asking if they hate me and why are they doing that to me.
It actually happend , a “friend” stop talking to me because of how I act when I have an anxiety attack