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Why do I write long text messages? #Advice #textinganxiety #writer #overthinking #Isitjustme #Whyamilikethis #FeelingAlone #CheckInWithMe

I have a horribly habit of sending paragraphs in texts. I know it’s annoying ... and I really try not to but I have SO much to say. I just want to clearly get my point across cause I feel like NO ONE hears me when I speak. I always get ignored or cut off. I’ve had people tell me “don’t even think about sending me a paragraph. I don’t care”... and “no one wants to read that. It’s ridiculous”.... which hurts but I get it. I literally don’t know anyone else that sends extra long text messages and I don’t know why I can’t help it...


No response #textinganxiety #SocialAnxiety #AnxietyDisorders #Whyamilikethis

When i send someone a message. Whether it be text, snapchat, DM, email.... and they don’t respond . Regardless of who it is, My brain tells me that they hate me.... even though I know deep down they probably don’t.... something tells me “they aren’t responding cause that was a stupid thing to say and they hate you” ..... why am I like this 😐

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Texting #Anxiety #textinganxiety #Text

when someone doesn't text me back it hurts so bad, I feel that they hate me that I bother them that I am annoying . I imagine them reading it and saying oh no she again .... It breaks me and the anxiety makes me text them again and again asking if they hate me and why are they doing that to me.
It actually happend , a “friend” stop talking to me because of how I act when I have an anxiety attack


I got a text that made me cry the other day...

Sometimes texting is really hard for me. I freeze. I feel pressure to answer the "right" way at the "right" time. I put it off, and the #Anxiety builds.

My friend Liv sent me the best follow-up text I've ever gotten, and I wanted to share. She said: 

"Hi, I'm following up on this text in an absolutely non-demanding way, but I'm doing my action plan for the week, and I'd love to put you in it. NO pressure if you can't commit."

Although she was advocating for her needs, this text made me feel so loved. Shout out to friends who get it! #textinganxiety