Hi, I was advised by my therapist to have a thought journal. I had a journal but it was just me writing down whatever that I feel like writing, I wasn’t sure what the therapist wants to know. She want me to write down 1) events that happened, 2) my emotions/physical sensations and 3) my thoughts... But my thoughts are a lot, and they just keep coming up, like a overflowing basin, I am not sure how I can write it in the template given. Sometimes I have thoughts even without doing anything, like example I will just remember that my life is in a mess, I am so stuck, I cannot even die because I already tried taking all my meds but I still woke up, then I am super scared that I will be warded if I ever mention/ask about suicide again, I feel scared that I will be bullied if I am warded, Blah Blah Blah... I think this shouldn’t be new to anxiety sufferers. Please do share with me, how do you fit your thoughts into such thought journal template? I want to really put effort into these “homework” so that I can recover from social anxiety, go back to my work, my social circle and my studies... Thank you in advance:)

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