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Anxiety Talk #LetsTalkAnxiety #mindset #change

I love the title of this group. But a lesson I am learning since downloading this app is serving my anxious self a notice:
Let’s talk, Anxiety;
Anxiety, talk less! Period.

When this happens, I can handle the day and NOT flip in bed due to excessive thoughts.😁! Good Morning and Good Night to you, #TheMighty , from my neck of the woods.

#Anxiety #anxiousthoughts #nomore

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Is this poetry?

I'm afraid of everything,

all the time.

I'm afraid of everyone,

including me.

I'm even afraid to think.

#GAD #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorde #Anxiety #anxiousthoughts #Poetry #Writing #WritingThroughIt #Books

Picture of me at the park with a book that inspired me to write more creatively.

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Good morning on this Sunday.

#Anxiety #anxious #anxiousthoughts

Sometimes i wake up with this anxious and anxiety feeling. I really don't know why. It's a gloomy type day. Yesterday was rainy and cloudy and today is the same. It's aug and Summer is almost over. #sad #depressed Hope this don't mean something bad is going to happen. My anxious feeling.


Why does my DM say i have a message, when i don't ?#confuse #notworking

If it's not going to be working like it should. I will just keep it closed then.

I still keep having theses dreams, of my . situation. Doesn't seem to go away. To much on me mind.#anxiousthoughts #Anxiety


I think I need Medication #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #Depression #anxiousthoughts

It’s 3 in the morning again, I tearing up for no real reason really. I’ve got a pit in my stomach because I don’t want anything to happen to my family. At the same time body issues! Hate the heat. I hate my arms and my legs.wearing summertime clothing is not easy for me. I know ,I wouldn’t want to see myself in shorts and a tank top. (Either )Overthinking way too much. I’m not even sure what to call this a question or thought or ramble. I’ve cried twice today before I visited friends. I’m so Disgusting and slow. I’m on an antidepressant that has one refill left. Maybe I should seek a different medication..All this crying and lack of sleep is exhausting..

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On my mind #anxiousthoughts

This memory just haunts me even 12 years later, and it shouldn’t, and I don’t know why it does. But when I was 12 and my grandma was in the hospital an older lady Asked me for help out of her wheelchair. Me (not realizing the purpose of her being buckled in) helped untie her. Obviously a nurse saw, and came over and got so mad at me. I don’t know why but this memory still just makes me sick to my stomach thinking of. I just wish I could get over it I shouldn’t still be upset by it. #whatswrongwithme #Anxiety #Diagnosis #help



i really wanted to vent but i don’t know who to vent to , so i decided to speak here. my math and accounting results are coming out in a few hours. and i’m EXTREMELY nervous 😭 i feel like i’m about to faint. i know it’s out of my control, but i really could use a few words of encouragement and comfort. 🤍🥺 i really hope i improved. they’re literally my weakest links and this was my last chance to actually upgrade. i just don’t wanna disappoint God , myself and my parents! man 😭💔 #Anxiety #anxious #anxiousthoughts #nervous #heart palpitations #results #Mathematics #accounting

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Journaling advices please?

Hi, I was advised by my therapist to have a thought journal. I had a journal but it was just me writing down whatever that I feel like writing, I wasn’t sure what the therapist wants to know. She want me to write down 1) events that happened, 2) my emotions/physical sensations and 3) my thoughts... But my thoughts are a lot, and they just keep coming up, like a overflowing basin, I am not sure how I can write it in the template given. Sometimes I have thoughts even without doing anything, like example I will just remember that my life is in a mess, I am so stuck, I cannot even die because I already tried taking all my meds but I still woke up, then I am super scared that I will be warded if I ever mention/ask about suicide again, I feel scared that I will be bullied if I am warded, Blah Blah Blah... I think this shouldn’t be new to anxiety sufferers. Please do share with me, how do you fit your thoughts into such thought journal template? I want to really put effort into these “homework” so that I can recover from social anxiety, go back to my work, my social circle and my studies... Thank you in advance:)

#Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #SocialAnxietyDisorder #Depression #MentalHealth #recoverywarriors #Journal #ThoughtJournal #Therapy #CBT #Advice #anxiousthoughts #help #GAD


EMDR therapy #emdrtherapy

I am just about to start EMDR therapy for PTSD. It's a kind that I have not tried before and I'm really nervous. Talking about the things behind my PTSD really impacts my mood and how I feel about myself. Any tips? Have you tried this therapy?

#emdrtherapy #emdr #PTSD #anxiousthoughts