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Weekend #CopeAhead

The weekend can be a really challenging time for those of us in recovery. What challenges do you think you’ll encounter this weekend, and how will you cope with them?

Let’s all share our coping strategies below!

#MightyTogether #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #recoverywarriors

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What song best describes your recovery journey?

Hey, everyone! It’s been a minute, but I’m back — and I’m so glad you all are here! Today, let’s have some fun and talk about music. What song best describes your recovery journey and why? How does that song tie into how you’d like to be supported in your recovery? #recoverywarriors

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Weekend #CopeAhead

It’s that time again — who’s ready for the weekend?

If you think you might struggle in your recovery this weekend, now is the perfect time to “cope ahead.” Where do you think you might struggle this weekend, and how do you plant to cope? #CheckInWithMe #recoverywarriors

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Monday #HighLowHigh

It’s that time again! Share two “highs” and one “low” from the past week! #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn #recoverywarriors

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How do you approach recovery setbacks?

When you’re in recovery, setback and relapse happens. Experiencing a setback can feel disappointing, like you’re going backwards, but how do you approach those setbacks in your recovery? How do you reframe them? Let’s all talk about how we approach setbacks so we can all support each other when they happen. #CheckInWithMe #MightyTogether #recoverywarriors

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What does your support system look like?

Warriors, let’s talk support systems! What does your support system look like? Who’s in your support system? Is it family? Friends? Professionals? Are you looking for/trying to build a support system in your recovery? This group is here to help ❤️

#MightyTogether #CheckInWithMe #recoverywarriors

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What do you struggle with as someone with health conditions?

Hi! My name is Kelly Douglas, and I'm the leader of the Recovery Warriors community! I've been MIA here lately because recovery, work, and life has kept me pretty busy, but I've been reading your posts and love the way you all support each other. <3 i="" plan="" on="" being="" more="" active="" in="" this="" community="" from="" here="" out,="" and="" i'm="" sorry="" for="" my="" long="" absence.="" as="" someone="" who's="" been="" tending="" to="" her="" health="" struggles="" the="" emotional="" challenges="" that="" come="" with="" them,="" curious...="" what="" do="" you="" struggle="" while="" managing="" your="" health,="" how="" cope="" it?="" can="" recovery="" warriors="" help="" you?="" let's="" give="" receive="" support="" post!="" #recoverywarriors #mightycommunities #showyourlove #CheckInWithMe #CheerMeOn

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Journaling advices please?

Hi, I was advised by my therapist to have a thought journal. I had a journal but it was just me writing down whatever that I feel like writing, I wasn’t sure what the therapist wants to know. She want me to write down 1) events that happened, 2) my emotions/physical sensations and 3) my thoughts... But my thoughts are a lot, and they just keep coming up, like a overflowing basin, I am not sure how I can write it in the template given. Sometimes I have thoughts even without doing anything, like example I will just remember that my life is in a mess, I am so stuck, I cannot even die because I already tried taking all my meds but I still woke up, then I am super scared that I will be warded if I ever mention/ask about suicide again, I feel scared that I will be bullied if I am warded, Blah Blah Blah... I think this shouldn’t be new to anxiety sufferers. Please do share with me, how do you fit your thoughts into such thought journal template? I want to really put effort into these “homework” so that I can recover from social anxiety, go back to my work, my social circle and my studies... Thank you in advance:)

#Anxiety #SocialAnxiety #SocialAnxietyDisorder #Depression #MentalHealth #recoverywarriors #Journal #ThoughtJournal #Therapy #CBT #Advice #anxiousthoughts #help #GAD

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How does music play a role in your recovery journey? 🎶

Music is an important part of my life. It can really help my mood, and also validate it. As a writer, lyrics are very important to me.

One song that has been really helpful during my recovery is Best Coast’s “For The First Time.” The lyrics, “I guess this is what they mean / When they say / People can change / ’Cause I finally feel free / I feel like myself again / But for the first time” really resonate. I listen to their album “Always Tomorrow” almost every single day. I find it incredibly soothing and helpful on my recovery journey.

Share with me below how music plays a role in your recovery journey. Maybe you, like me, find that listening to music is super beneficial. Or maybe you play an instrument or sing. I’d love to know. ❤️

#CheckInWithMe MentalHealth #Trauma #TraumaSurvivors #PTSD #Recovery #recoverywarriors #Music


How do you maintain #Recovery as a full time student? #recoverywarriors

Every time something goes wrong with school I get sucked back into #Selfharm and #Addiction . I found out I might have to switch community colleges to get the right major to get into the university. I guess I have this need to do school perfectly like I did in high school. College the first and second times was a mess. My brain is messing with me and I am worried that I’ll get discouraged by having to transfer again and possibly having to repeat courses that won’t transfer. I don’t know how to manage stress without self harm and many types of addictions including eating disorders and alcohol. I don’t want to fall back into those patterns because I want to succeed this time. I have 3 years sober; also 2 more days and I’ll have 17 months clean from self harm.