Those of us that live with chronic illnesses that keep us from being able to function like the average person have been fighting this fight for YEARS. Companies have refused to allow us to work remotely, even though it has been possible for decadeS now. We are in the year 2020. We had these capabilities in the year 2000 (may have been complicated, but we had them.) We've been able to do this since the 80's but yet many companies still don't allow people to work from home. We still have to struggle because we can't find enough remote work to make a livable income. With the exception of jobs that require physical labor or actually touching a person, just about everything else can be set up to where it can be done from home. Think about how many jobs that is. For more from me, visit the link in my profile #COVID19 #pandemic2020 #quarantine #togetherathome #AloneTogether #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #writtenbydida #InvisibleDisability #invisibleillnesswarrior #spooniewarriors #Spoonie #fibrowarriors #Fibromyalgia