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ECT, should I try it?

I have Treatment Resistant Depression, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Trichotillomania. It’s getting really bad again. I’ve been hospitalized more times than I would like to share throughout my lifetime begin at the age of 13.

Relief is currently no where to be found. My depression and anxiety are really taking it’s toll on me. There are so many things I want out of life and haven’t been capable of going for them because of my mental health instability. I’m beyond exhausted & frustrated at this point and just want relief/stability.

I have tried numerous medications, multiple forms of therapies, and noninvasive treatments- Lifestyle Medicine Approach with minimal to no relief throughout my life.

My doctor has recommended ECT. For those of you that have tried this form of treatment, if you don’t mind sharing, can you please tell me about your ECT experience. I feel like I have tried all other options and gave medication years of opportunities to work. I feel I’m running out of options.

One of my biggest concerns that I’m worried about is the memory issues that can occur. Those that have tried ECT that do experience memory issues: do you feel the benefits for the treatment out way this side effect? Also those that have done this treatment would you make the same decision to do this or would you have tried something else and if so what would that be?

My psychiatrist has also mentioned TMS but he feels that there is more evidence-based proof out there that ECT works and that TMS still needs more studies done to really see if there is any benefit.

I plan to talk about this with a family friend who has had a successful outcome with this type of treatment and I also plan to talk to my therapist tomorrow about it. My immediate family doesn’t want to weigh in with their opinion on what I should do in case it doesn’t work out so I’m left searching for options/advice from others. I’m really looking to gain a better knowledge from those who have tried it and what their thoughts are on this type of treatment, just know I don’t take this decision lightly but I’ve really exhausted all of my other options and now it’s time to try something more intense. It’s taken me a few years to get to this point where I’m accepting that this type of treatment maybe my only option.

I thank everyone for your responds or hearts on this post in advance. I’m sending love & support to everyone in the Mighty Community 💜


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Tomorrow A FB Live on Depression & Treatment #Depression #FBLive #TreatmentOptions

Join me tomorrow for a conversation about some of the newest treatments for depression. I’d love to hear from you!


When do I need to be hospitalized? #TreatmentOptions

I am not a danger to myself or to others. But I am so overwhelmed with anxiety and depression and S.A.D is the worst it’s ever been.

I just want to run away and get help. I am putting on such a brave face for my family and friends and for that moment, I feel okay. But the minute I am alone again, the uncontrollable emotions come racing back.

I do NOT want to burden anyone with all this so I just keep playing along. I want to go somewhere, get better, and come back, but that in and of itself will be a burden. I don’t want to worry my husband and kids.

Do I fake it til I feel it?

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