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Steps to Take when Trick or Treating 🎃👻 #halloween2020 #Trickortreat #COVID19 #FoodAllergies #Epipenlife #AutoimmuneDisease #RareDisease #masks

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@withregram • @veganvikingman Imagine for a moment that we all just accepted that Trick-or-Treating was just something we could not do this year (you know, cause of the pandemic, remember?). And then imagine that instead of being obstinate, sad, angry, or having meltdowns about it, we all actually TRIED something different. Are you all so horribly boring that you cannot come up with some new and fun traditions for yourself or with your kids? News flash, stores still have candy, people can still put up Halloween decorations, and you can still do plenty of other Halloween related things. Whether you’re a childfree person who loves Halloween or a parent who is struggling to come up with something safe to do with your kids, I promise that there’s more to this holiday than candy. And I would even like to believe that people could come up with ideas on their own... but I have zero faith in people, so here are a few ideas I came up with:

1) horror movie marathon (maybe a film or television series) with candy.
2) carving jack-o-lanterns WITH your kids (involve them in the parts of the process that don’t require a knife).
3) drive around to look at decorations.
4) go for a walk the day before or after to look at decorations.
5) cooking or baking Halloween themed foods.
6) take some time to learn about the history of the holiday.
7) read scary short stories in the dark with flashlights.
😎 do a Zoom meeting party with friends while watching a cult classic Halloween movie.
9) take turns writing parts of scary/funny short stories.
10) buy crafts and supplies to make your own Halloween decorations.

And what’s great is that you can do all of these things either in or out of costume. Good luck.
#Halloween #halloween2020 #trickortreating #trickortreat2020 #secondwavecorona #secondwave #quarantine #wearamask #wearyourmask #wearyourmask😷 #wearyourfuckingmask #covid_19 #COVID19 #CoronaVirus #pandemic #cdc #who #worldhealthorganization

@Mvskoke3000 - 💯🔥👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Me and my teenager have created a new tradition. #cookingathome #bingewatchingnetflix #createnewtraditions #foodallergylife #immunocompromised #spoonielife #safetyfirst

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Reverse Trick or Treat for Those Who Don’t Eat #Gtube #Autism #SpecialNeeds #Tracheostomy #FeedingDisorders #FeedingDisorder #FoodAllergies

AJ has oral aversion. He is physically capable of eating things by mouth, but he gags when he tries, which is why he is still considered gtube dependent. We came up with the idea of reverse trick or treating just for him.

We could have simply taken him out trick or treating and pocketed the candy ourselves, but last year I was participating in #last90days and I had decided to give up sweets. Having a pile of candy in the house wouldn’t have been a wise idea.

We decided that AJ would still get the fun of going door to door, but instead of getting treats, he would be giving them out.

We created some printable cards that had a cute poem about the idea of reverse trick or treating on the front. On the back we included another poem and an image that showed how to sign “Thank You”

People were initially a little confused, but it went over really well. It was really amazing to see AJ getting to interact with others in the community and even giving them the ability to sign back to him.

This year we plan to do it again, but after being asked by so many people last year, we also wanted to share a copy of the printable file with others who may be able to use them.

We reached out to Brad at 35 Corks Art Studio who makes the most AMAZING clip art for ASL signs. Not only did he give the green light to share, but he updated the image to incorporate AJ’s costume this year. Also, credit needs to be given to Melissa at Dorky Doodles who made the festive banners.

(Spoiler Alert: he and Averie are going as Addams family characters)

Inside of the file there are three different options for the front card, also per request from some of our friends.

1) I can’t speak to tell you that I’m not able to eat, but I sure do love to reverse trick or treat!

2) I can’t speak to tell you that I don’t like to eat, but I sure do love to reverse trick or treat!

3) We enjoy dressing up and wanted to do something neat, so we are here to reverse trick or treat!

The cards are sized and spaced so they can be printed on the front/back if desired.

To download a printable copy - see the link to the post on our website here:

#Trickortreat #Nonverbal #nonoral #Gtube #oralaversion #adaptiveholiday #Inclusion #freecontent #SpecialNeedsParenting #Autism #Allergies #nocandy #Halloween

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Anxiety & Halloween #Anxiety #Halloween #Trickortreat

I am so anxious about answering the door to people tonight. I want to hide in the house with the lights off but I have kids so this isn’t possible. My husband is working away so I can’t get him to answer the door. Does anyone else feel like this and have any solutions to make it easier for me?


Question Regarding #TealPumpkinProject

So, for the past few years we've offered non-candy options for trick-or-treaters. But I do have a question I've been wonderi- is it enough to keep the candy (which we also give out) and toys in separate bowls? Is that safe, then? Now, I have no idea if any of the few trick-or-treaters we get even have allergies but I figure it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm just a paranoid and anxious person as well and I want to make sure I do this right. #FoodAllergies #Halloween #Trickortreat #Allergies

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