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Brother is #Narcissitic

My family is currently struggling with my younger brother. He definitely has narcissistic personality disorder and probably borderline personality disorder. He is currently on his second divorce and has abandoned the family, not allowing anyone to see his kids, and frankly being horrible to everyone, while trying to make himself sound like he’s this awesome, stand-up guy. He has of course denied needing any psychiatric help. He gets evil just at the suggestion. We have done our best to ignore him and work through the ex-wives to make contact with the kids. This infuriates him. Now it seems every major holiday, celebration, etc. he makes an effort to send a nasty gram. He sounds like an angst ridden teenage that can’t process or express feelings. He’s gone off the rails and while we are following the advice of ignoring him, our fear is that he will become physically violent. He already has been with both of his exes. #Narcissitic #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #violent

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Being threatend.

So for the last few weeks this one lad and his mates think it's fine to threaten to harm me, Harm me when I'm alone and with my 2 year old niece all sorts.

Apart from the police are now involved and he's being protected from me because I'm the more dangerous person.
If you can't back up your threats then why bother?!

Not allowed near the guy or I'm in trouble with the law but he can threaten to kill me... This is pure bullshit all because I have #BPD and #violent #tendencys


#erlinePersonalityDisorder # #Bo

Waking up to another glimpse of #onalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression , squinting at the crack in the curtains, and seeing sunlight, my guilt is doubled.

I should go outside!

I cannot get out of bed. My dr says it’s learned behaviour and I must change it. But you see, dear Dr. It is these precise #learned behaviours that kept me safe and #alive in the #violent storm that shaped my #painful #Terrifying childhood.

It feels #Deathdefying to imagine losing my #Behaviours . After all they kept me alive! I owe them #Gratitude , and I’m not leaving them anytime soon. It’s feels akin to throwing half of myself away.

But, now I feel they’re #Killing me.

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Hi, how do you control your irritability? #Bipolar #Anxiety

My levels of irritability are so high, that I cannot control it, sometimes with my words I'm so violent. I really want to know what do you do in these kind of moments #Irritated #violent #BipolarDisorder