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Just want to say thank you

I've only been on this group for 2 or 3 weeks but the amount of support I already received is huge! You make me feel like I am a little less crazy than I thought and that I am not alone in this😊


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I’ve spent my whole life thinking that there was no one out there that could or ever would ever help me should a situation ever arise that I may need help with. After being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder my belief in that became even more concrete. No one could possibly understand or have any help to offer. Why would anyone want to? I’m nobody worth helping. Driven by these thoughts I decided on working a career that is focused on helping people. All day I provide a service that I believed was nonexistent for people like me. Do I believe I am essential? Not really, however I do believe that the knowledge that there is someone out there who can help is essential. People need people! It is essential to know that we are not alone. If any of that deems me essential then so be it. #Essential #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth #wearenotalone #COVID19


#InternationalWomensDay #empoweringwomen #wearenotalone

This is for every woman who's ever doubted herself!
The woman that looks in the mirror an begs God to change the reflection she sees.
To the woman who's isolated herself an pushed loved ones away, because depression has convince her she's been beat.
For the mother that feels like she's failed her babies, because we aren't like the momma's we see on T.V.
I'm talking to the women that who spend to much time in the bathroom, because she has a bottle hidden under the sink.
To the beautiful women with nothing, so they sell their bodies cheap.
Let's lift up the girl who was dope Fein sexy, but woke up one day begging God for the strength to change her ways!!!

I have struggled with so many things! I've went to sleep so many nights, telling myself I had to run from my demons because nobody in the world can relate!!!!

2020 I will no longer pay for my past mistakes!


#Life after attempting suicide twice.

I myself have attempted to take my own life twice. 2011 & 13 I had become a empty nester of being a single mom. Not until my children had moved out was it then, at age 40 was the first attempt i had no plan or even a thought i was capable of such a thing, i hadn't even known or realized how much my own childhood had affected me & brought me to suicide😢 even tho coming from an alcoholic mother who is mentally ill, very abusive & neglectful to her children and herself. she has went untreated all of her life to include today,which at age 83 she has never known ant other way of life. We Have loss one brother to suicide 10 yrs ago, others, continue to live in denial an in such a dysfunctional way of living,. as, the cycle continues to run rapid within thier families. I myself after being broken and not knowing how BROKEN i reallly was it wasn't until after the second attempt that i realized the pain had needed to be dealt with or i would die. with the help of therapy determination the will to live & the love of helping other's as well as myself. Is when my life changed it is never easy to "dig up" and work through the "root" of the pain but it is the best thing one can do to reach freedom and live a much happier and healthier life😇 started using the tools I've been taught along with my own experience that has given me a passion & purpose to share my own story with as many hurting lost sad souls out here, as i myself, once was. although, i have days i struggle to get out of my own "funk" due to the illness, that does not just magically disappear unfortunately,! but, today i now recognize the sign's & symptoms i now have control of the outcome. Loving & accepting who i am, is the goal to succeed. What i find the most rewarding is reaching other's an helping them with my own story is priceless! Me being in the medical field has given me the opportunity to do just that. This in itself has been very helpful in my own recovery & rewarding! #wearenotalone 💗


Fighting through #PTSD

I've been going through a hard time lately. I've been dealing with a lot of #PTSD stuff. It's made my Crohn's flare up, I fell back onto old behaviours for a while, I was kicked out of a treatment program after refusing to go back to residential. I'm doing okay. I'm getting better. I know it will get better. I am, however, tired of feeling like I have to wear long sleeves because I am really ashamed of this. I am ashamed of the scars. I feel guilty. Simultaneously I feel like screaming that “it’s not fair”, that “it’s not my fault”, that “I did not choose this.” This past week has been hard. I'm in the midst of a bad #CrohnsDisease flare up, and hearing #drchristineblaseyford give her testimony set off some triggers. It far from easy, unlike the tears that came with it. This week I saw my dad break down in tears; I heard him talk about how he wishes he could take back the trip he and my mom took when I was eight; where I stayed behind and was brought into a sexual trafficking situation. #WhyIDidntReport is because I was terrified that they would come back and make good on their promise to take me away forever, and decapitate my parents in front of me. I was eight, and I was being threatened with a gun, before I even really knew what a gun was. There are things I remeber, and things I don't. What I do know is that #ibelievesurvivors #iamasurvivor #MeToo #wearenotalone #istandwithsurvivors #nomore #TimesUp #timeisnow #iamafighter #timesupnow


Hello everybody, new here ❤️

Hello everybody, I'm new here, iv seen it on Facebook alot but I'm just learning how to use it now. I'm glad iv found this, as it's a place to go other than Facebook, as I find that Facebook can be an awful trigger for anxiety and other stuff. Feel free to follow me as I would love to make new friends that are 'in the same boat' as me should we say. I suffer from anxiety, OCD and BPD. I am also a single mum so it gets very hard for me. I'm always here if anyone needs to chat xx #wearenotalone #MentalHealth #MentalHealth