Good Morning Chatties

I decided My little pup Pepper had to have a Bath

He ended up looking like a Pup burrito .
Not so much with one hand holding him and one hand trying to take a pic as he wriggled to escape so he could go running off to do the normal ............ yayyyyyyyyyyyy I'm free I've had a bath let's go run in the grass and get as dirty as possible mode.

So this is the pic. He looks stunned mode. How dare you take my pic I'm wet.

He did eventually escape and run free but not before I shut the door. Ha ha
He ran free inside
Nutty dog up and down for 10 minutes he was like a race track dry as a bone. No hairdryer needed just brushed him when he'd finished.

Gotta love him.❤❤🐕🐶🐾🐾
My little bundle
Love n hugs Tj ❤🤗😘

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