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A much needed vent please! #venting

I haven’t been here very long, less than a week actually…had my first conversation today.

I thought this was a safe place and people would understand triggers and stuff. That when I say no this will cause a trigger or for me to associate those feelings with them….

Shouldn’t that end the conversation? Why would you try to persuade that person to do what you want instead of what you clearly laid out as a no?

Am I just what people think they can persuade/manipulate into doing what they want? It has happened so many times, just this week. I am about done with it all!

Sorry…hope it was okay to vent for a moment…

#venting #frustrated #Ugh #Whatisgoingon

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New symptoms

Need to vent for a moment:

So for a bit of background, my cardiologist tentatively has me diagnosed with POTS, my new orthopedic doctor tentatively has me diagnosed with EDS or another hypermobility disorder. I also have gastroparesis, and developed bursitis in my hip about two months ago.

Over the last two weeks I’ve developed some new symptoms. I’m getting really lightheaded, unsteady on my feet (I’ve walked into doorframes and corners), my balance is off, and I randomly will have issues with my ability to grab and hold on to things. I also get this (the only way I can think to describe it) staticky feeling in my head.

I have no idea is this could just be new symptoms related to the possible POTS or EDS, or if it could possibly be something else entirely. I don’t see the ortho until June after my nerve conduction study. She’s also put me on Lyrica, but I’m not quite sure if I want to take it yet...

I can’t really talk about any of this with my folks, but I know you guys understand.
#LivingWithPOTS #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Gastroparesis #MedicalZebra #Whatisgoingon


Is there actually anything wrong with me

I went through a phase of constantly hating how I look and being obsessed with being skinny, I felt guilt about how I looked and was pushing food away to try and cope with that, I was going through some stuff and surrounded myself with more positive people and suddenly I felt okay, these thoughts weren’t as prominent however I’m eating more again ( which feels like a lot and I feel I’ve lost control ) and I don’t have these thoughts as much as before but I do feel like I’m turning to it for comfort atm. Is this normal, I can’t tell anymore
#EatingDisorders #Whatisgoingon

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Extremely Triggered #Whatisgoingon

Has anyone lately been feeling extremely triggered basically all the time? The kavanaugh trial started it off - I’m a rape survivor with severe PTSD. And then it became when my mom became completely manic and they’re now talking about a divorce after 30 years of abusive toxic behavior from her. And I’m finding that I can’t listen to stories that are scary or look at pictures that have any dark nuances or have conversations about anything creepy. Does anyone else feel completely on edge lately since kavanaugh?