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Trigger Words

After being sexually abused, the word teach has a different meaning for me. My abuser “taught” me a lot of sexually inappropriate things. I have asked my boyfriend to not use that word but to use a similar word like show or demonstrate. Does anyone else have a trigger word that they stay away from? What words do you use instead? #TriggerWarnings #wordshurt


“I did not meant to hurt you” #wordshurt

Somebody please tell me how to deal with people who always intentionlly to hurt us by words but when we fight back they say “I did not mean that”, “I wasn’t tryna hurt you”, “you are overdramatic”. Im sick of those people



The words people can say to hurt others. If you don't have nothing nice to say don't say it at all. If you wouldn't say it about yourself don't talk about behind other people's backs. We are all human and we all have feelings.


My Mistake

This week, I tried to be better and do better. I hung out with a friend after church. While hanging out, this friend said some hurtful things to me. I realize I’m being too sensitive and she didn’t know what she was doing; but the things she said were some of the things my mother said to me as a child (and still says to me). They hurt, but I’ll keep it bottled up.
I hung out with another friend today who said even more hurtful things to me (in front of a huge group of people). Again, it hurts but I feel I’m being too sensitive. Maybe I just need to accept the fact that I’m not really important to anybody and keep acting like things don’t hurt... #ItHurts #wordshurt #verbalabuse



I feel so low rn. I feel defeated. I feel like I've tried so hard for so long and I just simply can not keep going this way. I'm ready to check out. someone I love more than anything just told me that they dont love me anymore. I've known that for all g time but hearing them say it......seeing the words actually come out of there mouth just freaking broke me. I guess I am unlovable. I'll never be enough for anyone. this person has hurt me and lied to me so many times but yet I still feel the need for their approval and I dont know why. but I cant continue to make myself look so damn stupid by going back and begging them to love me. I hate my life I hate myself I hate that I love so hard and care so much. I just want run away. I have nothing......no one........never will anyone else have the opportunity to tell me they dont love me again.

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I can’t even trust my own family

So once again, I come to The Mighty because it’s the only place, besides with my two best friends, that I feel like I’m not being lied to.

My mom and I had a spilling out, a horrible, horrible one, because I got tattooed again. She says she can’t believe I did that when I know she hates them and that I broke her trust again. She even said that I use my body like a car and put “bumper stickers” on them and has said I’ll look trashy on my wedding day, whenever that happens
She mentioned one of my brothers doesn’t like what I get tattooed and I want to ask him so badly if that is true, though I honestly don’t want to care at all, and my mom will be so pissed off if I do ask him.
My mom has used my brother in subjective terms to back up her arguments and even when I ask him if what she’s saying is true, I don’t know if I can believe him when he says my mom is lying.
I don’t know who is trying to save their ass more between the two of them.

I have said it once but I say it again because it’s true: I’m so tired of living.

#Depression #Anxiety #trustissues #Tattoo #Tattoos #tiredoffighting #tiredoflife #wordshurt


When your upset at a loved one #BPD #bp1 #Anxiety #hubby

It hurts so much when you tell your loved one that they seem unhappy and that makes you sad. I explained why I thought he was unhappy I had real valid points and situations. Then he says you always assume the worse. Or other things like its not that bad when you talk about a problem and how your feelings were hurt.
#MyBPfeelingsdon 'tmatter #Relationships #alwaysdramatic #wordshurt #thingsnottosay

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#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #MightyPoets

Venomous Words

Your words cut deeper than a blade
Blood dripping from your tongue​ as you speak with no filter
Cutting into my flesh like a razor blade
You leave scars that can never be healed
I would rather be hit with your bare hands
Then cut into a million pieces by the Venom and hate that fall from your lips
In a world where hate is the worst thing possible
You top the word off with your seething lies
You would rather leave wounds then tell the truth
Because the truth has seared your heart and left you numb at one point
Your lips nothing but a sword waiting to push me away and rid me of your life
Only you know that will never happen
Because your blade is dull
And I keep coming back for more
Until your tounge drips lust and truth and honesty
It will only scar me, not kill me
I will still be that small seed of something good that you can not kill
And I will take the blade as I am used to being hurt and scolded for no reason
So let your words cut deeper into my flesh
Watch me bleed until you are happy
After all, that is what I am here for
To take the pain so you can tuck the truth deep down in the pit of your aching heart
A tounge like a snake
A predator ready to take the light out of my eyes
Just know this
I know your words are in fact all lies

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #wordshurt #idontwanttobealone

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