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So I'm getting a new tattoo today. I'm very excited. It's almost therapeutic to me because I absolutely adore my artist (He's done my piercings since 16 and my tattoos since 18. I'm now 28). I'm getting a tattoo of Zero from the nightmare before christmas on my left wrist. It'll be my 7th one. Anyone else get "ink therapy" too? #Tattoo

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Tattoo to make sure my partner is always with me #Suicide #Grief #MentalHealth #Tattoo

I wanted my partner with me always! I designed this Tattoo from a mixture of others that meant something to me. It’s a heart with her initials, plus a semicolon for suicide, a loop at bottom of the heart for eternity and her favourite flower which is in her favourite colour while the rest of the tattoo is black! I miss her everyday and struggle with wanting to join her. Love you SW xx

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yo yo yo just got my next ink therapy appointment scheduled. gonna get my feet finished. my tat artist knows me by now. probably means i go there way too much ; )#TheMighty #MightyTogether #Distract #DistractMe #Therapy #Tattoo

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Tattoos and Lupus

I have lupus. I'm 50 years old. I'd love to get a small tattoo. Is it safe? My rheumy said not to do it. Thanks! #Tattoo #Lupus

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tattoo with meaning

I never thought I would have a tattoo. However in 2020 we moved from Montana after living there for 12 years and having our last two kiddos there, I wanted something to represent our life. I had come to use mountains as a symbol of our journey with our son who was born with a rare chromosomal disorder. His room was painted with a huge mural of mountains. For me, they represented how there are peaks and valley's in life. Sometimes the climb would be easy and sometimes hard , I included one jagged mountain to represent those tough times. So when we moved I decided to get a mountain tattoo to represent both our journey with children with disabilities and the beautiful Montana mountains #Tetrasomy9P #CheckInWithMe #Tattoo

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Autism Tattoo Suggestions? #Autism #Aspergers #Tattoo


I've been diagnosed as autistic for a while now and am in the process of accepting myself and slowly learning to unmask. I already have some tattoos including a semi colon design which resembles my ongoing journey with mental health. I would really like to get a tattoo that represents my autism to embrace my whole self and wear with pride. Does anyone have any suggestions that aren't puzzle pieces?

Thanks in advance.

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First Tattoo

Yesterday I got my very first tattoo. So happy with how it has turned out.

Design started with butterfly as it was what I would draw on myself to help with self harm urges.

From there added the semi colon for when author decides to continue sentence instead of it end it (project semicolon). Last summer I was hospitalized against my will for suicidal thoughts. And so glad I had friends to walk through me with it.

Then butterfly design itself is based of Pokémon vivillon. Because Pokémon was a way to connect with some friends afterwards that helped give me something to do. And picked elegant form because one I love purple and two the word speaks to me and what I want to be.

#Selfharm #Tattoo #Suicide #ProjectSemicolon #semicolon #MentalHealth #Depression

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Mental health tattoo #Tattoo #SemicolonTattoo #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

After the hardest year of my life and intestine therapy I see this tattoo as my step into recovery and hopefully if I relapse it will remind me to keep going and remember to breathe, that my life is a journey worth continuing and with every relapse and recovery I get stronger.


getting more sick, and trying to find comfort in my own body

my suspected M.E/MS is developing pretty rapidly at the moment, it’s summer time in the UK and my body is throwing a tantrum about it. all my symptoms are elevated, plus i’m having new trouble speaking, especially without rehearsing what i’m going to say beforehand. thank god for fans and cooling mats, otherwise i’d have dissolved into the carpet!

anyways, what i wanted to speak about was feeling comfortable in your own body. i’ve realised that since my life has changed so much, i shouldn’t worry about what others might think. i’m turning 18 soon and will be able to get tattooed, and want to start the process of finding an artist and coming up with a design for my first piece. my body might be breaking down internally but it’s gonna have some great art on the outside, like a beat up car with a nice paint job :)

my only concerns are the healing process and the pain of the tattooing itself, but hopefully i’ll manage!! i’ve been thinking about a traditional style piece for my left arm, maybe some kind of animal. anyone have any tattoos they’d like to share? #Disability #ChronicIllness #Tattoo #Positivity

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For my dad

My dad passed away tragically 6 months ago so had this done for him today thought it was gonna be really painful as my skin really sensitive because of my fibro but it never hurt at all #Fibromyaliga #Tattoo