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I’m not complaining, I’m asking for a hug. #compassion #Emotionalsupport #ChronicIllness #Anxiety #JudgementFreeZone #ChronicPain

Those who you spend time with, those who care, those who say they are there for you don’t show up when you need them most. You reach out, you say what you’re going through to family and friends and a lot of times...crickets...

I personally can’t relate to those who choose to ignore, choose to not acknowledge, and choose to not give the support and love that I deserve. How tough is it to say something as simple as “I’m so sorry you’re going through this.”?

I get, it gets old to hear the bitching and complaining. I’ve been on both sides. I know what it’s like to get those crickets and to see the people who I care about the most get even more crickets. What I have experienced to matter the most is to be acknowledged and to be seen.

That is why I have decided to join The Mighty community. To be able to express myself judgement free and not get crickets. I want to be able to do the same for you all and be the person that you know cares. I’d like to exchange crickets for hugs, for comments, for support! I’m acknowledging that WE ALL DESERVE not to have crickets. You have been heard. #nocrickets #acknowledgement #Support #HereForYou #Spoonies


Managing BDP #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #copingskills

I've been doing this thing whenever I feel like I might be losing perspective on things and it seems to help me settle some of my thoughts. I start writing and I write no matter what comes out, good or bad or repeating.  Short or long sentences but just one sentence at a time, journal writing is huge for me but sometimes it feels so overwhelming.  Slowly with time the gist of the lines have gotten more positive and geared towards getting me through the moment I'm struggling through.  When I first started the lines were negative and mostly self depreciating.  Now I use this to be real, acknowledge what's going through my head and to move past it.

What do I know today: I know...
... my son is healing from his surgery.
... I'm giving him the best care I possibly can.
... his dad is trying & we might not agree but he's not a danger to my son.
... that scares me a little.
... the stress of this situation has a tight grip on my throat.
... I will survive this.
... I will be ok.
... I can manage this without cutting.
... I want to cut.
... I'm not going to cut.
... I want to cut.
... tomorrow is coming and it brings a new page to write.
... I have the tools to make this the best life.
... I may fail.
... I may falter
... that won't define me.
... I'm not a loser.
... I have the strength even when I don't feel it.
... I can.
... I will survive this.
... there are people who love me in my life.
... today may be tough but tomorrow will be better.
... this is my life, I'll live it by my own design.
... I am ok and managing my life.
#stressmanagement #acknowledgement #Writing #WritingThroughIt