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Wednesday’s Puppy Is Full Of Woe…

And has a strong desire to avoid having me take his picture 🙈. The Duke is recovering from a bout of arthritis, so he is on walk rest, and I get to be his emotional support human. To quote his hero Wednesday Addams, “woe is the loneliness number”, and as humans we fall shamefully short of understanding just how hard The Duke has it!

We try our best to make up for our shortcomings to his Highness though. Unfortunately he would prefer we comfort him with all the treats instead of cuddles—hence his woes are evermore.

For my part, I seem to have one doctor’s appointment a week lately, and yesterday I got to be a human pincushion while trying to have my blood drawn. The Duke and I make a woeful pair, but I like to think two woes shared is better than one 🖤

#MightyPets #Dogs #Emotionalsupport #DistractMe #AdrenalInsufficiency

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The Pet Connection

"If you are feeling down, just go close to where you pet is and lean on him or her emotionally." #Emotionalsupport

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Meet HRH The Duke of Bork

I am his emotional support human 💛. He has a very tough life what with being stuck with us—his insubordinate servants, Jeeves 1 & 2. Here I am giving him some cuddles because he decided he desired dinner 2 hours before serving time.

Being a pug bichon mix, it is an additional burden for him that we do not keep him in the style he desires… that of the lavish life as it was at Versailles!

Marie Pugtoinette borks “let me eat foie gras cake” at us daily, yet we continue to disappoint.

Feel free to boop ye royal snoot 👑

#dog #ForTheLoveOfDogs #Emotionalsupport #Pets #MightyPets #MightyMoment #Humor #Laugh #ThisIsMe #ChronicFatigue #funny

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Don't #worry Your Sweet Self

#Hello my friends. It's me again. Here is a photo of my emotional support baby girl, Tali. She was named after an NCIS show character. She always comes to the rescue when I start to cry. Somehow, she just detects when an emotional episode is about to occur. She maybe detects something in my breathing, or some other cue.

When I #cry she gives me #puppykisses . I seem to need her more and more these days.

Do you have an #Emotionalsupport animal?

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Relatable songs

I found a song called "This is a Song not a Suicide Letter" by Rory and I can't stop listening to it. Not because I've actually done/gone through what the song talks about but because I so easily could. It talks about a girl who OD's but doesn't die and it's a message to her younger self that "this is not the end" and things do get better. I want to believe that.

I'm not actively suicidal, but man being not alive sounds so appealing right now.

The other day my therapist gently called me out on how I use sarcasm to not lie, but also not actually admit that I'm not okay. Like if I sarcastically say "I'm great" then of course my therapist knows I'm not, but I haven't actually said "I'm struggling." And I've just been thinking about that a lot and I sent her an email where I was actually honest without sarcasm and I told her I know I'm not okay, that I am really struggling no matter how much I want to pretend I'm not.

But like the weight of admitting that feels like it's going to crush me. I want to DO something about it, not just sit with it. Even though sitting with it is probably what I need to do at the moment. But it's so hard. I'm so tired of how hard life is.

#Suicide #Therapy #CheckInWithMe #SuicidalIdeation #beingreal #struggling #College #studentmentalhealth #MentalHealth #ihopethingsdogetbetter #Music #Emotionalsupport

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Cody 🐶

This is my boy Cody. He’s 13 years old now. We’ve really kind of grown up together. He’s my unofficial emotional support dog. He loves doggie ice cream and the occasional McDonald’s burger (plain, of course - he told me he’s not a fan of the works ☺️).

Cody is aging. His little back legs often give out from underneath him. He had trouble moving around. It just saddens me to think of the day he crosses rainbow bridge. But - I’ll never let him suffer. As of now, he doesn’t seem to be in any pain - never yelps or cries out. He just sleeps a lot 🐶 😴

He’s a special little guy who will always be in my heart.

I hope all you Mighties are enjoying this December evening with your fur babies 🙏

#Emotionalsupport #shihtzu #shihtzuhappens

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Really anxious.. want to hug my teddy bear

I think I have to start taking my panic anxiety meds again. When I wake up around noon (because of depression) I get really anxious. When I go to work l get overwhelmed and feel like crying. I have an emotional support teddy bear named Oak.. he goes everywhere with me. I made a post about him the other day. I just want to hold him all day and cry and sleep.

I think I’m overwhelmed because my best friend just got out of the hospital for being suicidal. I’ve been worried about her.. she says she’s okay. And I’m tired and depressed. I sleep all day. I have no energy. I don’t have a lot of money.. I’m dealing with trauma.. I have no friends. I was doing okay for a while... I think it’s all catching up to me. I just don’t know what to do. 😭 #Anxiety #Depression #CPTSD #PTSD #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #SuicidalIdeation #teddybear #Emotionalsupport